Agency vs. Freelancer

When a great idea dawned upon you it’s sure a blessing, but if you are able to make your mind on the ways of implementation - it’s a miracle.

Whether you decided to build another basic mini-game app or create a web-unicorn there are always more than one option to do that, namely who will do that if all you got is the idea itself. And since usually the problem is not even lack of qualification of the idea-beholder, but rather absolutely no clue where to start. Searching the market and comparing prices will eventually bring you to the choice between an agency and freelancer. So how do one make this kind of choice?

Basically, the major point is a quality/ price relation just as in any other aspect, but there are couple more of things you should keep in mind.



Hiring a freelancer can be the right thing to do for your business, particularly for small businesses and low-budget projects, as their work is usually not as expensive as dealing with agencies. Yet the win in this situation is to hire a good one to eliminate the risks associated with low-quality workers.


If you spent a good bit of time looking for an experienced freelance developer and were lucky enough to find the one, hold on with celebrations. You need to keep in mind that a freelancer will everything to do given task, but even the best possible work done might still not work right for your business. The problem here is that freelancers are dealing with actual task, but do not consider its integrity and therefore might not articulate possible solution for your business problem. It’s important to understand that this won’t make them less of a professional, but your business won’t benefit either.

Another thing is usually narrow specialization. You can’t expect a multifaceted problem solution from a specialist with a narrow specialization.

Timing & Quality

Lower cost of services on freelance market are sure tempting to get the cheapest possible, especially when your, say, startup is a little tight on budget. Those who dare to risk, are usually have quite obvious concerns as they risking the most precious - deadlines and a quality of the final product.


Working with a freelancer is usually a relationship built on trust, which is quite a risky thing to do when you just met. Financial security is a serious matter and you can’t just rely upon a good word. Make sure to get billing documents and avoid paying under the table for the sake of your own business.



Obviously hiring a team instead of just one person is going to have respectful price, yet wide spectrum of existing companies might give you a little freedom choosing financially suitable option. Hiring agency is a better option in case of big project and big businesses as they have more at stake and therefore trying to make sure the job will be done right.


Choosing a team will provide you with the access to the wide range of professionals from various fields. This way the issue or an idea will have be inspected from different prospects, which will ensure secure and rational solution and elimination of future complications.

Well-organized and experienced team of developers as a rule have elaborated stack of technologies and ways of finding right solution in different cases. Combined expertise of all members of the development team is a guarantee of a high quality product, ready for competitive market.

Timing & Quality

Planning, elaborated business processes and all-round documentation significantly decreases chances of not meeting required deadlines. Another perk is a possibility to check feedbacks of previous customers to make sure the agency is doing their job right and fair, particularly if the company got a list of reliable partners. The latter is a great sign of a high quality service provided. Moreover, an agency usually provide long term product support.


Official business arrangements and documentation is what will let you peacefully sleep at night knowing that your accounting is keeping the right track and any financial issue can be legally managed.

Unique idea is not only a way to success, but also a path of hard choices and doubts, but it’s sure worth the final result. So, set your priorities straight and choose your fate wisely.

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