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Mobile applications: necessity or a trend?

Mobile applications became one of the most powerful tools for business, as it is an integral part of marketing that creates direct marketing channel, builds brand and improves customer engagement and loyalty. Plus, customer feedback will help you to eliminate possible shortcomings and improve quality of provided service. Though you might think that is it only an option for big companies and corporations like McDonalds or Starbucks, it is still a great idea for small businesses that have regular customers as it would significantly improve accessibility for your customers and provide safe purchasing. Here arises a question whether it would be better to create an actual web site rather than an application, but statistics made the answer quite obvious – mobile device users spend about 90% of time on mobile applications and only 10% using the browser.

Tech Stack

Launching a new project is always a matter of investment of both time and money in order to find the right solution to the most recent problem. If you have been doing .NET for 10 years, you can take advantage of a project start to get started on a data integration and computing server in Scala, or leave AngularJS to React.

Давно хотів розповісти про SSL сертифікати

Давно хотів розповісти про SSL сертифікати (щоб сайт відкривався по https).

Overview: React.js, Vue.js, Angular 2

How do one make up their mind? And it sure depends on the technical requirements and therefore the solution will be different according to your needs. Thus, a technology can only be effective if it suits the following (mostly the Front End-related) criteria:

8 things you have to know about Drupal CMS

So if you successfully decided what kind of CMS corresponds your task in the first place and your choice happened to be Drupal here are 8 (rather obvious) things you need to know about it.

Ok, Google, should I get open source software?

The Open source vs. Proprietary software has been an everlasting debate for decades and if you’re reading this it means that you actually decided to figure out who’s right.

.NET’s leap forward

The .NET environment has been around since 2002. For many, these technologies are closely related to Windows and allow the development of solutions ranging from the classic application to the server components. .NET uses Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) - based execution environment, implemented as a common language runtime (CLR).

Agency vs. Freelancer

When a great idea dawned upon you it’s sure a blessing, but if you are able to make your mind on the ways of implementation - it’s a miracle.

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