Mobile applications: necessity or a trend?

You know for sure that advanced technologies made it to the last frontier when your grandma pokes you on Facebook. It is official - the world shrank to the size of your palm since everyone and anyone with a mobile device has a chance to reach you out at any time and any place as long as you have signal. Yet, it comes not only to communication – phones ceased to be just phones long time ago. The idea of having a little bit of everything right in your pocket came to life thanks to the invention of mobile applications that drastically broadened abilities of smartphones. Now it is your kindle, map, camera, gaming center, alarm, home cinema, source of endless memes and cat pictures, banking manager and so much more. However, since there are other ways to get same services is there an actual necessity to use mobile applications or is it just another fast-flowing trend of our generation?

To answer that we need to figure out what makes mobile apps so popular nowadays. Like in any other sphere, to make a product successful the developers have to make sure that an average user can easily spot advantages comparing it to the other types like web sites or desktop applications. So what are pros of mobile apps? According to the needs of the audience, developers apparently have chosen universality, accessibility and productivity as their 3 pillars of the mobile app concept.


Even if the Earth does not spin around any faster, yet the rhythm of our lives grows on daily basis and therefore we seek faster ways to get things done. Decreased productivity nowadays can cost you a lot of money so being successful in your actions is number one priority. Mobile apps, no matter whether it’s ordering pizza or internet banking, all tend to make everyday activities easier and save time so we could keep up with fast pace of modern world. They are not only working faster, but also are more productive as it sets boundaries within the area of usage – a user won’t have to look through dozens of similar or remotely-related web-pages to, for example, find needed item in an internet store.


Mobile apps cover every possible field of human activity – from entertainment to business and education. Moreover, an existent variety of available applications allows to modify the set of mobile applications on the device according to one’s personal needs and activities and turn our phones into so-to-say digital version of charm bracelet, if you will. Other than that, the developers create multiple versions for different platforms, thus allow us to use particular features and technical characteristics of a device so that working with given mobile app would be as comfortable as possible. Mobile applications found functional balance between multitasking within a single program and data synchronization with a set of other programs as well.


Simplicity, user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation of mobile apps make them easily accessible for wide audience. Touch screen based technologies and visual aids help an average user to work with an app without any kind of preparation. The most important part is usage of personalized data to speak one language with a client and be the most productive in solving possible problems. As we can see, mobile apps intentionally were created to serve needs of wide range of people of different activities, social groups, financial abilities and so on. They not only found their niche in the sphere of entertainment, but also became an integral part of business world. Data processing now has a new form convenient for working with it everywhere.

Mobile applications became one of the most powerful tools for business, as it is an integral part of marketing that creates direct marketing channel, builds brand and improves customer engagement and loyalty. Plus, customer feedback will help you to eliminate possible shortcomings and improve quality of provided service. Though you might think that is it only an option for big companies and corporations like McDonalds or Starbucks, it is still a great idea for small businesses that have regular customers as it would significantly improve accessibility for your customers and provide safe purchasing. Here arises a question whether it would be better to create an actual web site rather than an application, but statistics made the answer quite obvious – mobile device users spend about 90% of time on mobile applications and only 10% using the browser.

What is even more interesting is the influence of leaders of mobile apps in social network on cultural aspect. Social network applications are taking over and forming new communication habits and its own microculture. Social network apps eliminated borders on the map and language barriers and managed to bring the world closer so that communication has never been easier than today. Nowadays people are accused of expressing their protest against technological intervention in their lives by boycotting social network and staying in touch using more old-fashioned ways of communication, which, in fact, is still possible. In this case, as any other exception it is only proving the main rule that mobile apps now became universal, mainstream communication environment.

Thus, there is no need to reinvent the wheel and look for a new way to communicate, process data, create and get entertainment when there are already various mature systems available. Mobile application is a necessity caused by time, as people tend to stay in touch with every sphere of their life 24/7. It is a wide spectrum of programs each to serve your particular need and make sure it is fast and user-friendly.

Sure, life without using these technologies is still possible, but with them, it is more productive and comfortable with them. There are thousands of gigabytes of new information pop up on newsfeed of billions of mobile devices and if you want to keep up with the whole world, you need to become a part of a digital society.

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