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The only source of knowledge is experience

We enable companies worldwide from 23+ industries to disrupt markets and reach their business goals by delivering exceptional tech solutions.


Entrust your business to Us and get the complete cycle of project development from the idea to the final product!

Whether it is a soft from scratch or a digital transformation of the business, Acropolium puts together passionate minds to transform your ideas into reality and provide you with an exceptional scalable solution. Deep expertise within each team level, strong technological background and 20-year heritage are integrated into all our projects.

From software engineering, development, scalable web and mobile solutions, the products we deliver boost efficiency and foster growth for our clients.

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Our principles


Language experts

We can work with almost any web programming language, because we know more than algorithms and semantics. We see the essence of your needs.


Tech philosophy

We know why some solutions are better than others and how to pick a stack perfect for your specific needs.



Long-term expertise on the market is embodied in every solution, impacting millions of lives around the globe from different industries.


Team legacy

Improving technologies ahead of time by our R&D Department with the accumulated knowledge legacy.



Valuing the privacy of each and every client is the major point in providing our services.


Acropolium 2003


On the rise of technological development, we got the idea of what a prospering business would look like in the nearest future. We intended to become the winner and not the follower. Creating the team was our primary objective. Unlike many specialists, who worked independently, a small team of developers, yesterday's freelancers, got together.

Acropolium 2005


We set up a company for developing non-standard web solutions. Without the name or slightest branding, we had a goal: apply our experience to provide real value with complex solutions. We had quite a few challenges from time to time in competition with our Western colleagues. Having no fresh information played into our hands. We started inventing our own solutions.

Acropolium 2007


The name Acropolium appeared as a symbol of fidelity to the old traditions and centuries-old architecture of the Acropolis. Throughout our history, our main goal was to keep with the same main principles of our team. So it was in 2005, and so it is to this day. The core of Acropolium is understanding the working basics of technology, which each of our members appreciates.

Acropolium 2009


Acropolium starts investing resources in its own projects, dedicates a lot of time and money to the development of employees in newly created technologies. We are forming teams of different experiences, who are striving for knowledge.

Acropolium 2012


Acropolium conducts tech audits of existing systems. We expand the range of services with a new one - supervision of other companies' development processes. When the company's in-house team is incapable of completing a specific project or wants a comprehensive audit, we are there to assist.

Acropolium 2013


With our existing experience, we conduct professional consulting for clients on strategic business digitalization. The R&D department starts investigating emerging technologies like Node.JS, testing them on internal projects. The team researches and gains experience in custom ChatBot solutions.

Acropolium 2015


We offer IT consulting as a service for investors, startups and food companies. Providing turn-key maintenance and enhancing their current software solutions, we help our clients keep up with emerging market requirements.

Acropolium 2018


Acropolium is a solid technology partner for a range of enterprise clients, providing a full development cycle and helping with strategic decisions in the tech domain. One of the main achievements of the year is the delivery of a major project called eHealth, an electronic healthcare platform. We are also building dedicated teams that smoothly integrate with the client’s in-house IT teams and providing organic team growth upon business demand.

Acropolium 2020


The world faces the global COVID-19 pandemic, which forces all business spheres to adapt to new challenges and makes companies transfer to remote work. Yet, it isn’t a problem for Acropolium. We are not only expanding our business but also helping our clients by consulting. We are integrating solutions that enable companies to withstand new realities.



2021 has been a monumental period for our company as we achieved significant milestones. In the heightened focus on the quality management era, we took a strategic step by pursuing ISO-9001 certification. This internationally recognized standard is a testament to our commitment to delivering superior products and services. The rigorous certification process comprehensively evaluated our methods, quality control measures, and customer satisfaction practices.



Despite the world's challenges in 2022, it was a year of growth and resilience for our company. We proudly announce that prestigious industry organizations have acknowledged our efforts and dedication. However, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our clients. It is worth noting that our dedication to innovation has garnered recognition from respected leaders in the industry. They have acknowledged our status as a trusted vendor, renowned for providing top-notch custom software development services.



2023 is a remarkable year for us. We set out to make a difference in the industry twenty years ago. Today, we stand tall as a testament to our resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our clients. This milestone year holds a special place in our hearts as we reflect on two decades of growth, achievements, and the remarkable journey that led us here. As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional quality and services, we are thrilled to announce the successful renewal of our ISO certification.



We are committed to achieving and pushing the level of performance at all times by parting your ideas into smaller portions and providing the best option possible in the shortest time. The Acropolium team understands the frameworks and essence of technologies at the lowest levels and finds the most effective solutions for projects. So it was in 2003, so it is today, so it will be forever.

Company's Attitude

  • Heritage

    Long-term expertise on the market is embodied in every solution, impacting billions of lives around the globe from contrasting industries.

  • Language experts

    We can work with almost any web coding language. Because we know more than algorithms and semantics. We know the essence of your needs.

  • Team legacy

    Improving technologies ahead of the time by our own R&D Department with the accumulated knowledge legacy.

  • Tech Philosophy

    We know why one solutions are better than others, and how to pick a stack perfect for your specific needs

  • Privacy

    Valuing the privacy of each and every client is the major point in providing the services.

Acropolium attitude


Being an experienced web developer passionate about the latest flexible technologies, Oleksii decided to startorganize a company for developing non-standard web solutions. Experience has shown that creating a flexible product is much more thrilling than just cloning other basic websites. The company chose its own path, which was thorny and required hard work on each new technology from start to finish.

Over the last two decades he has overseen product and service development and has built a dedicated Acropolium team. He hoped that the company would raise a lot of great specialists who would time and time again demonstrate their high quality and unbelievable results. This goal was achieved and is being constantly demonstrated every single day.

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