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AI-powered Quality Monitoring & Data Profiling Tool

Read our case study describing the development of a sophisticated AI-powered data profiling and quality monitoring tool for fintech operations.

AI Contracting Software for Fintech Corporation

Modernization of existing AI contracting software while retaining essential functionalities from the older version. Improving the user interface for easy legal staff interaction and enhancing tools for presenting analysis results and insights. Seamless integration with new and existing corporate systems.

SAAS Fleet Management Software for a Logistics Company

Development of fleet management SaaS with advanced features. Improved fleet management with optimized routes and lower fuel consumption. Streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency due to real-time tracking and data-driven decisions.

SaaS Warehouse Management System

Development of cloud-based warehouse management software to optimize and automate the warehousing operations of a 3PL provider. The logistics company operated with a legacy system, which didn’t support the integration of automation tools and required manual entries. To help the company remain competitive in a digitalized logistics environment, we have developed a comprehensive cloud-based WMS solution. Our development team utilized the latest cloud-computing practices to provide a scalable SaaS product for the client’s digital transformation.

SAAS Appointment Scheduling Software for a Medical Clinic

Development of a multi-functional SaaS appointment scheduling solution. Integrating medical scheduling software with an electronic health record (EHR) system. Improving customer service and clinic workflow with online scheduling, automated reminders, and medical record access.

SaaS-based Cryptocurrency Application Development

A cryptocurrency business providing a platform to access trading bots, invest in indices, and automate user portfolio management. The cryptocurrency robo-advisor software offers a customizable back-testing engine, revealing the most profitable index strategies and empowering customers to manage long-term investments effectively. The product also aims to help beginner users diversify their portfolios across various digital assets while discovering the basics of crypto investments.

Hotel Management System Development for a Hospitality Technology Provider

Taking e-commerce in the hospitality industry to the next level while extending integration capabilities of hotel operations software. Acropolium empowers hotel owners with cutting-edge technologies, regardless of their hotel management system complexity and digitization.

Automotive E-Commerce Platform Development for a Large Enterprise

Custom development of an automotive vehicle performance analysis platform enabling the company’s customers to compare various vehicle offers based on selected parameters. Seamless integration of the designed automotive e-commerce software into the client’s existing framework.

EV Charging App Development: CRM & Mobile App for Charging Stations

Creation of a multifunctional CRM solution to manage charging stations and get valuable, data-based insights. Improving customer experience and loyalty with electric vehicle charging app development.

Building a Hospitality Property Management System to Boost Operational Efficiency

This case study talks about how we developed hotel property management system (PMS) software to help a property rental business improve its operational efficiency and scalability. A newly developed solution simplified booking for customers and made it easy for property managers to stay on top of their tasks.

Modernizing a Legacy ERP System to Boost Operational Efficiency at an Oil & Gas Company

We modernized a legacy oil and gas enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform by improving the interface and completely overhauling the technical infrastructure to improve platform uptime. We successfully introduced Agile methodologies to a client more familiar with Waterfall project management. We also updated the tech stack to increase system reliability. The client’s employees can now work more efficiently and no longer have to deal with the legacy ERP system’s complicated interface, leading to higher job satisfaction.

Accounting Software Solution As A SAAS Platform For Financial Business

Creation of reliable and secure accounting automation software with multi-tenant access. Connecting different payment methods, including Stripe. Improve client experience with customizable reports, as well as invoice and report templates.

Development of Construction Inventory Management Software

This case study details a software development project to develop a construction equipment tracking application for a company that leases heavy equipment to local businesses. The project involved enhancing the client's website, implementing chatbots for improved communication channels, and customizing a CRM system features to align with the client's requirements.

Digital Payment System Upgrade

Architecture enhancement that unites distributed systems. Improvement of payment software solutions security through the development of anti fraud protection. Crypto payment platform integration.

Digital Signage Software Modernization

Modernizing one of the most popular digital signage software solutions by migrating existing application’s architecture from monolith to microservices, code refactoring and getting rid of inefficient legacy code chunks, and setting up new cloud infrastructure. Boosting the performance of the digital billboard software, upgrading its look and feel, and improving its scalability so it can easily cope with the growing load.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Modernization

Refactoring and modernization of legacy software for a freight forwarder with a global client base. Enhancing this web-based transportation management system with new capabilities and its subsequent maintenance.

IoT-Based GPS Fleet Tracking App Development

Development of a GPS fleet tracking solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) data to provide visibility into what’s happening on the road in real time and allow interventions even if the truck is thousands of miles away. Optimizing the system’s code and improving its integration capabilities so it can display up to 1000 trucks on a map simultaneously and visualize their movements in real time.

Food to Go Order App Development

An application for pre-ordering food, where you can find all of your city restaurants, place an order and takeout your meal without wasting time waiting for it.

Hotel Chain Management Software & App Development

We helped digitize the entire business by developing hotel channel management multi-platform web and mobile solutions (iOS, Android), which were tailored to specific client’s needs, like online-booking, payment, availability control, etc.

HR Management Software Development

Development of an easy-to use complex HR management platform, that helped with personnel management, stored data on working hours, and analyzed employee performance metrics.

HIPAA Compliant Medical App Development

The app allows users to manage their personal sexual health privately and securely. Users can import and view their STD status, share results with their partner, schedule testing, and speak with a provider - all through a HIPAA compliant, encrypted medical app.

Veterinary Telemedicine Platform Development

Telehealth platform development and implementation of real time video chat support with veterinarians 24/7 via mobile app and web solution.

Operational Command Software Development

Development of complex IT SaaS product for ensuring social safety in day-to-day life and citizens’ security during public events. The turn-key platform envisages a unified control center for social services like firefighters, medical services, police via the setup of a server for further communication. The operational command software solution has both desktop, mobile and app versions.

Livechat Software Chatbot Development and Code Optimisation

Development of an online chatbot application, which is used to interact with website visitors. The solution improves customer support and stimulates sales.

Airport Staff Operation Solution Development

Development of a solution that allows for the communication of emergency and security services at the airport to speed up and improve internal processes. Integration of a reliable security and video surveillance systems, and the development of an online flight information board.

Location-Based Social Network App Development - Hango App

A custom turnkey proximity-based social network development that allows users to communicate and find events, parties and exhibitions close to their geolocation.

International Trade Digitalization & Paper Work Automation

Complete transformation from offline to online. Development of an export document system – automation of many customs forms and documents, implementation of pdf generation and track of content updates on external websites. Today, our client can help businesses worldwide with all the processes of international transportation and customs clearance all over the world.

Enterprise Email Migration Software Development

Optimization and development of tools to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files. By providing a suite of migration products, this solution helped enterprises to move data into and out of the cloud, or from cloud to cloud. The technology was and is used as a key component in email infrastructure changes and cloud migration processes. Once the migration is completed, the advanced reporting and security applications show how employees are using and configuring the service, and protect and audit the environment. Finally, the solution offers a sophisticated management system to streamline solution administration and make management simple.

Exhibition Multi-media Platform Development, Maintenance and Support

Maintenance, support and optimization of an existing system that developed marketing offers for various exhibitions and events.

Leading Automotive Company Powertrain Software Audit & Consulting

Independent automotive software audit for one of the on-going internal automotive projects. We helped the client to analyze the quality of existing solutions, find the bottlenecks in the architecture and security, and suggested improvement options.

Addiction Recovery Mobile App Development

Development of custom addiction recovery mobile application for a private psychological center, that could provide anonymous questionnaire lists for people with different types of addiction.

Bespoke Emergency Helper Software Development

An app that helps people in emergency situations. It is integrated with emergency brigades like police, ambulance, fire brigades. In case of emergency, a person should just press the button and wait for the appropriate emergency service that will get a signal with geolocation. The solution can be also adapted for massive events like exhibitions, football matches, or even airports.

Bioscience Cloud-based Big Data Processing App Development

Development of a cloud-based solution for big data processing in the bioscience industry, which allows to conduct post hoc analysis of individual proteins or peptides, compare biomarker identification and the interrogation of biological pathways, monitor Multiple Reaction, and control any MS and/or chromatographic deviations.

Biotech Enterprise SaaS Development for Remote Device Management and Quality Control System

Development of an enterprise-grade SaaS CMMS solution for remote device service management (RDM) in the biotech industry. A remote collaboration application system for remote audit of any precision instrument.

Building Construction Project Management App Development

Development of two web-based solutions, first one being a platform for the constructors for flats and houses development, and another one for commercial buildings, like large retailers and shopping malls.

Shipping Web Platform Development

Complete audit and further development of a shipping platform that enabled new third-party services integration, saved costs and significantly decreased the server load.

Restaurant Chatbot Development Case Study - Acropolium

A restaurant chatbot where any person could select the desired dishes, add them to the cart, pay, and order the delivery. That allowed the restaurant to increase customers’ loyalty and fully automate the process of receiving orders.

Wellness Social Media App Development

Wellness social media mobile app for both Android and iOS for those who want to stay healthy, up-to-date and relaxed by getting the best content from the media world.

Car Dealer Chatbot Development

Development of a custom chatbot that allowed the client to fully automate car selection and purchase processes for car dealerships. The chatbot made it easy for the end users to select the needed features, e.g. engine volume and car color, and receive the car price, which was also sent to the dealer. Moreover, the solution allowed users to sign up for car maintenance.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Development

Development of a cryptocurrency trading platform that helps traders to track the exchange rates and trade on crypto exchanges, using a chatbot.

Dedicated Development Team for a Social Media Monitoring Platform

Development and enhancement of a tool that enables companies to monitor people's feelings about brands on social media through sentiment analysis. This enables companies to improve customer insights and understand why a particular campaign may have failed. The solution can also be used to create a comparison with a competitor’s brand in customer feelings.

Dental Clinic Mobile App Development

An instrument that helps dentists visually demonstrate the initial state of the client's teeth, alternative treatment plans, treatment cost and duration. The projection of the jaw, control over the teeth, the adjustment of posts and implants, and many more are also among the app possibilities.

Email Marketing Software Development

Online tool for email marketing that could increase the open and reply rates of the emails.

Enterprise Construction Management Software Development & Scaling

The huge enterprise construction management software consisted of many modules and features that were developed on different technologies. The client was looking for a reliable vendor to optimize the current software parts, modernize them using new technologies, provide smooth scaling and development of new features.

Event Management Software Development

The exhibition planning and management software, which provides a front-end website aimed at attracting visitors to the events. The software also manages exhibitors, who can log in to a portal and complete several forms. The complex solution has hundreds of individual features, the most valuable one being the ability to create searchable exhibitor lists. Another feature is an event planner, which people can use to select areas of interest and mark them on a map, which helps them in their future visit.

Refugee Access Management Software Development

Complex access management solution for the control and management of refugees. The solution is highly flexible and can be also used to manage personnel or any other kind of groups with the help of a single database.

Weather Monitoring and Alerting App Development

Development of Weather Monitoring System that informs users about weather conditions. CRM system for tracking and collecting information about customers who suffered weather anomalies.

Kiosk Software Development for Pharmacy Kiosks

Thanks to the kiosks installed in various supermarkets and pharmacies, clients could choose the necessary medications in the catalogue and pay for them using an online card. Using the check, clients could either pick up their order at the pharmacy or order home delivery.

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