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Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Development

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Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Development


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  • image USA
  • image 11-50 employees

A company that provides smart technologies allowing everyone to invest in crypto indices, access trading bots, and automate portfolio management.


request background

Swift MVP development

We were asked to provide back-end and front-end developers to assist the in-house team and speed up the development of a cryptocurrency trading platform MVP on time.


Complete time absence

The client wanted to speed up the development and partner integrations, integrating with a lot of different external partners. Still, we were extremely tight on deadlines till the MVP launch, which affected the further investments. Having no development team and large-scale plans, the client asked us to join as quickly as possible.


  1. Develop an MVP as quickly as possible
  2. Optimize architecture and infrastructure
  3. Set up the project documentation


Just in time

  • image Node.JS, Vue.JS, AWS
  • image 1+ years
  • image 10+ specialists

Since the cryptocurrency trading platform was developed from scratch, our development work went at a good pace. We developed a number of new functions, optimized architecture and infrastructure. We applied the Scrum methodology, the team grew organically and ultimately turned into a complex platform. In addition to development, we conducted a thorough audit, suggested a number of architectural improvements, and set up the project documentation. Today, the platform has begun to recoup labor costs, the client has a lot of clients and continues to develop the cryptocurrency trading platform further.


Scalability grew by 300 percent

  • Development of an MVP within six months
  • Increase in the client flow of 53 percent
  • Reduction in time to market of 30 percent

client feedback

They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner.

Internal stakeholders are pleased with Acropolium’s deliverables, noting the high quality of their engineers. Clients can expect an organized, professional, and effective partner.


CTO, Cryptocurrency Investment Platform


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