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Accounting Software Solution As A SAAS Platform For Financial Business

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Creation of reliable and secure accounting automation software with multi-tenant access. Connecting different payment methods, including Stripe. Improve client experience with customizable reports, as well as invoice and report templates.


Accounting & billing software (NDA)

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This company provides the best accounting software for multiple small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that allows organizations to streamline operations and manage their finances more effectively.

Accounting automation software

request background

Development of a one-stop solution for managing finances

Our client wanted to develop a highly functional accounting software SaaS (Software as a Service) solution encompassing all essential features. The objective of this project was to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly product that meets the requirements of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations alike.

First, the accounting and bookkeeping software should allow users to easily create and send customer invoices. It required multiple payment methods, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and Stripe. Using SSL encryption and complying with industry standards was also crucial.

With accounting software solutions, the clients should also be able to track different categories of transactions, including expenses and revenue, and generate financial reports.

Another task was to enrich accounting and billing software with customizable report options. They would allow customers to choose specific data, format charts, graphs, and tables, and export it in different formats, such as PDF or Excel.

Finance accounting software


Custom accounting software with secure and accurate data

While developing such a complex solution as accounting bookkeeping software, obstacles are unavoidable.

One of the primary challenges was time management. The development timeline was tight, and the business logic of our accounting software platform was quite complex. In addition, there were numerous stakeholders to consider and potentially conflicting needs to balance.

Also, it was essential for accounting workflow management software to provide clients with reliable and accurate financial information. Any inaccuracies or calculation errors should not affect clients and their businesses. So we had to test and validate the reporting tools properly.

Multi-tenancy allows accounting firms and bookkeepers to serve multiple clients on a single platform, which helps reduce costs and streamline operations. However, its implementation became challenging as we needed to guarantee platform scalability, reliability, and performance. And each tenant's data in AI accounting software should remain secure and confidential.


  1. MVP accounting software development in 5 months
  2. An ability for the user to set up in 5 clicks with the website entering as a starting point
  3. Multi-tenancy implementation in invoice and accounting software
  4. A capability to conduct transactions, track them, pay, and generate reports


A reliable accounting invoicing software with an advanced functionality

  • image Node.js, React.JS, AWS, Docker
  • image 5 months
  • image 5 specialists

To ensure the successful development of the best cloud accounting software, we followed a comprehensive approach that involved clear communication and careful planning.

One of the critical accounting software features was its multi-tenancy architecture, allowing businesses to manage multiple clients on a single platform. We implemented a custom website powered by an internal CMS system to achieve this. Our team created an easily customizable, tailored user interface to meet the specific needs of individual clients.

Also, each bookkeeping and accounting software for small businesses or enterprises should capture digital payments. We integrated the software with Stripe, a leading payment gateway provider to achieve this. As a result, it allowed for the efficient and secure processing of online payments, providing a valuable tool for businesses that want to streamline their accounting processes.

To further enhance the usability of accounting reporting software, we developed a library of invoice and review templates, which included a range of standard examples. So clients could quickly and easily generate professional-looking invoices and reports, saving time and improving the overall user experience.

We used an advanced technology stack to build accounting software with all these features, including Node.js, React.js, AWS, and Docker. They provide a robust and scalable software foundation, allowing for rapid development and deployment of new features.

  • Built a multi-tenancy fintech accounting software
  • Developed a custom website powered by an internal CMS
  • Allowed accounting software integration with various payment processing methods, including Stripe
  • Created a library of invoice and report templates to simplify accounting processes


A complex multi-tenancy accounting system development

  • Released MVP of accounting software for bookkeeping business in just five months after the project start
  • Reached a 30% conversion rate from a free demo to a paid plan
Accounting & billing software

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