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Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

Innovative and scalable solution for cryptocurrency exchange software development company. Integration of blockchain and advanced trading algorithms. Implementation of value-added features like social trading and gamification elements for better user engagement.

Portfolio Intelligence & Investment Asset Management Software

Building portfolio asset management software with robust project management tools. Creating a user-friendly dashboard for better project visibility. Developing a resource allocation module to enhance the management of budget and personnel. Implementing risk assessment and mitigation capabilities for a systematic approach.

AI-powered Quality Monitoring & Data Profiling Tool

Development of a quality monitoring tool and data quality software for automated processing of large chunks of sensitive data with real-time monitoring capabilities. AI-powered data quality improvement for reliable collection of data and data-driven insights with enhanced processing quality through automation of manual entries.

AI Contracting Software for Fintech Corporation

Modernization of existing AI contracting software while retaining essential functionalities from the older version. Improving the user interface for easy legal staff interaction and enhancing tools for presenting analysis results and insights. Seamless integration with new and existing corporate systems.

SaaS-based Cryptocurrency Application Development

A cryptocurrency business providing a platform to access trading bots, invest in indices, and automate user portfolio management. The cryptocurrency robo-advisor software offers a customizable back-testing engine, revealing the most profitable index strategies and empowering customers to manage long-term investments effectively. The product also aims to help beginner users diversify their portfolios across various digital assets while discovering the basics of crypto investments.

Accounting Software Solution As A SAAS Platform For Financial Business

Creation of reliable and secure accounting automation software with multi-tenant access. Connecting different payment methods, including Stripe. Improve client experience with customizable reports, as well as invoice and report templates.

Digital Payment System Upgrade

Architecture enhancement that unites distributed systems. Improvement of payment software solutions security through the development of anti fraud protection. Crypto payment platform integration.

Digital Signage Software Modernization

Modernizing one of the most popular digital signage software solutions by migrating existing application’s architecture from monolith to microservices, code refactoring and getting rid of inefficient legacy code chunks, and setting up new cloud infrastructure. Boosting the performance of the digital billboard software, upgrading its look and feel, and improving its scalability so it can easily cope with the growing load.

Livechat Software Chatbot Development and Code Optimisation

Development of an online chatbot application, which is used to interact with website visitors. The solution improves customer support and stimulates sales.

Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Development

Development of a cryptocurrency trading platform that helps traders to track the exchange rates and trade on crypto exchanges, using a chatbot.