Risk Management

Discover Acropolium's case studies on software solutions for the risk management industry. Explore how our projects in developing custom software for risk assessment and compliance management can help your organization mitigate risks and improve decision-making.

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Operational Command Software Development

Development of complex IT SaaS product for ensuring social safety in day-to-day life and citizens’ security during public events. The turn-key platform envisages a unified control center for social services like firefighters, medical services, police via the setup of a server for further communication. The operational command software solution has both desktop, mobile and app versions.

Airport Staff Operation Solution Development

Development of a solution that allows for the communication of emergency and security services at the airport to speed up and improve internal processes. Integration of a reliable security and video surveillance systems, and the development of an online flight information board.

Enterprise Email Migration Software Development

Optimization and development of tools to manage the migration of email archives, mailboxes and PST files. By providing a suite of migration products, this solution helped enterprises to move data into and out of the cloud, or from cloud to cloud. The technology was and is used as a key component in email infrastructure changes and cloud migration processes. Once the migration is completed, the advanced reporting and security applications show how employees are using and configuring the service, and protect and audit the environment. Finally, the solution offers a sophisticated management system to streamline solution administration and make management simple.

Bespoke Emergency Helper Software Development

An app that helps people in emergency situations. It is integrated with emergency brigades like police, ambulance, fire brigades. In case of emergency, a person should just press the button and wait for the appropriate emergency service that will get a signal with geolocation. The solution can be also adapted for massive events like exhibitions, football matches, or even airports.

Refugee Access Management Software Development

Complex access management solution for the control and management of refugees. The solution is highly flexible and can be also used to manage personnel or any other kind of groups with the help of a single database.

Weather Monitoring and Alerting App Development

Development of Weather Monitoring System that informs users about weather conditions. CRM system for tracking and collecting information about customers who suffered weather anomalies.