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Bespoke Emergency Helper Software Development

Risk Management

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Bespoke Emergency Helper Software Development



  • image Czech Republic
  • image 100+ employees

This is an internal project built by Acropolium R&D department.

request background

Real user needs

Having worked with several companies in Risk Management, we analyzed the business issues and users' needs. Based on the research, we had an idea to build a simple app that will help people in emergency situations.


New technologies

By that time our R&D department was investigating new emerging technology Node.JS, so it took some time to learn it and use in a new solution.


  1. Help people in emergency situations via mobile app


Helping people

  • image Node.JS, Java, Swift, React.JS, React native
  • image 2 years
  • image 7 specialists

The development process has started from the investigation phase and planning of complete solutions. A user, which can be our app, can be any detector that can send out geolocation or image data, e.g. a smoke detector or a road webcam. So, basically, it all starts with a user which can be a person or an alarm device. When the user sends out the information, it goes straight to the only server. The message itself has all decoded information: the user’s data (e.g. a name or a phone number). The data is analyzed, processed and then further distributed between the clients. The clients are 8001, 8002, 8003, who get access to the data: location, sort of accident, receives a request which refers only to his service and district. The dispatcher reacts accordingly: he can either call the user back and get more information or send a necessary brigade to solve the problem.

We have designed one more version - Patrol which is directly connected to the central server and can react to the request immediately.

The System can be used in various spheres:

  • Social: emergency services like ambulance or police
  • City services: like water, road or electricity service
  • Secured environment: security and object or fire services
  • Isolated objects: seaports, airports, etc


Unbound app possibilities

  • Snitch is flexible in adding new clients (services) on demand so it can be used by many industries
  • The system can be integrated in any location range, whether it is a small town, a region or the whole country that will significantly save governmental costs and time for implementing such a solution from scratch
  • It can work without the Internet, for example, using a Wi-fi network. So, every client or user in the radius of this network will have access to all services. In case of war or natural disasters, the government can switch on the backup network for its citizens.

Have a business idea?

Feel free to contact us and get a free risk management software consultation session.

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