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Weather Monitoring and Alerting App Development

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Weather Monitoring and Alerting App Development


SWIFT Weather

  • image United States of America
  • image 1-10 employees

Hazards alerting company. The client has served thousands of commercial, government and residential customers with a trusted, award-winning suite of weather-tracking and analysis software.

request background

Efficient alerting system

The client came to us with the main concept for the new project. The idea was to build an efficient alerting system that would be able to contact anybody connected to an organization no matter what platform they’re using, including email, cell phone, web applet, or any kind of custom API. They also wanted to make sure that they would be able to solicit an acknowledgement that their alert had been received. The app had specific features that would make this product unique in the marketplace.


Unique ways to monitor hazards

The main client`s challenge was to figure out if by focusing on unique ways to monitor hazards, and trigger and route alerts, they could significantly improve upon traditional models of alerting without creating fatigue from "noise" and at the same time ensure accountability and audit trails throughout the organization.

© "We were trying to improve the signal-to-noise ratio when it comes to severe weather and crisis alerting. On any given day, there can be dozens or hundreds of alerts that affect an enterprise. Many solutions over-alert. This creates fatigue and leads to poor utilization and poor response times in actual emergencies."


  1. Alert people of the upcoming hazards
  2. Anticipate and prevent emergencies
  3. Implementation of real-time tracking of climate changes


Comprehensive improvement

  • image Redis, jQuery, JavaScript, Leaflet, Node.js, PostgreSQL PostGIS, AWS, Angular.js, Socket.IO
  • image 3 years
  • image 5 specialists

From the technology perspective, the client had a basic concept in mind with a list of requirements and features. During the first phase we helped him create architecture from a software and hardware point of view to see how clients could build that kind of a product. He was impressed with our architecture results, and so he hired us to do the whole app. We recommended the technologies that should be used and did the actual design of the hardware architecture in terms of databases, platforms, etc.

  • For the layout and graphic designs, clients gave us concept drawings that we implemented
  • We used Node.js with a Redis database, PostgreSQL database, and some other modern web UI languages including Bootstrap, etc
  • Everything was hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance
  • We designed & implemented both software & hardware architecture


50 percent annual income increase

  • Real-time tracking of changes in climate, which provided information about disasters with an accuracy of 90 percent
  • Anticipation and preparation for an emergency with 70 percent loss minimization
  • Increase of an annual income by up to 50 percent due to early warning
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client feedback

They remain SWIFT Weather’s trusted partner almost 3 years later. I can rely on them to let me know if there’s a better way to do something. They are a tremendous value as an outsourcing partner.


CEO, SWIFT Weather


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