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Refugee Access Management Software Development

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Refugee Access Management Software Development


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The client provides solutions for operational management, communications, operational command and video surveillance for industry, government agencies and aid organizations.

request background

Access management system

The client was looking for a vendor that could successfully manage and optimize the control and access system of refugees. The solution had to grant access and restrict people from certain locations by their age or any other parameters.


Error correction

The initial solution we were faced with was not working as it was supposed to. The system did not perform its main functions, therefore, could not be scaled for further use. The data security left much to be desired in a system, where all data had to be reliably protected.


  1. Create a system that could easily grant access and pose restrictions.
  2. Quickly generate barcodes.
  3. Integrate a video surveillance system.


The behind-the-scenes

  • image Javascript, PHP, AWS
  • image 1 months
  • image 2-3 specialists

We created our architectural solution on AWS cloud services for data storage. Later, we integrated barcodes, video surveillance, and a control management system that escalated to unified information space. Each refugee was entered into the database and assigned with a code on the bracelet, card, or any other device. Both surveillance and barcode statistics were compared to eliminate the mistakes. The system also allowed the use of fingerprints and the ability to change the status of people with a simple barcode reader. The whole solution can be easily customized for any enterprise and work as an employee tracking system, automating your security workflow.


Faultless control solution

  • Reduction of the security costs by 78%
  • Infallible control of the refugees that eliminates human factor.
  • Percentage of refugees tricking the system dropped by 100%.

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