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Acropolium has a proven track record of delivering best-in-class applications for SMBs and enterprises.

For 21 years, we have been empowering businesses to disrupt markets by delivering outstanding custom software solutions.

At Acropolium we consider our clients to be partners - together we focus and achieve customer success.

3 startups grown
into unicorns
4 clients from
Fortune 500
5 contracts of 10+
years of service
450 delivered
148 partners and


We have delivered software solutions that address the unique challenges of diverse industries, resulting in satisfied customers.

Transportation & Logistics
logistics software

Transportation & Logistics

We offer custom software development to various clients in the logistics industry, including customs services, ISPs, logistics startups, brokers, and mail and delivery services.

Our solutions range from navigation systems and GPS from scratch to supply chain management optimization and cloud integration.

hospitality software


We understand the distinctive challenges associated with the Hotel, Restaurant & Café (HoReCa) industry, particularly the fluctuating demand. Our scalable solutions with optimized workflows have been instrumental in enabling our hospitality clients to maintain a high level of service.

The solutions we offer include POS software, booking systems, web and mobile multi-application networks, food delivery apps, and much more.

healthcare software


Acropolium collaborates with healthcare organizations to create customized software solutions that not only enhance patient care and customer experience but also comply with the highest industry standards such as HIPAA and HITECH.

From custom software development projects and integrating EHR/EMR systems to remote calibration systems or data security solutions, our expert engineers are here to assist you. Streamline your internal operations, automate repetitive manual processes, and deliver an exceptional patient experience in accordance with healthcare industry regulations.

Oil & Gas
oil software

Oil & Gas

Acropolium offers a full range of custom software development services to a variety of clients, including Oil & Gas startups, Exploration & Production (E&P) companies, Oilfield Services providers, and Drilling and Pipeline contractors.

We bring our expertise to every solution we deliver: energy management, oil and gas production management software, analytics and reporting, and customer portal integrations.

Building & Construction
construction software

Building & Construction

Acropolium is a premier provider of custom-made software solutions for the building and construction industry. Our extensive experience working with engineering firms, construction companies, real estate developers, and startups has made us a valuable resource in this field.

Our expertise includes developing software for construction project management, as well as inventory management systems, CRM/ERP systems, and IoT solutions for equipment and automation tools.

Risk Management
risk management software

Risk Management

We have a proven track record of delivering effective bespoke software risk management solutions to a variety of clients, including government agencies, educational institutions, emergency services, meteorologists, and other businesses.

Our solutions include complex custom software for emergency services, video surveillance systems, weather monitoring systems, maps and geolocation services, custom event applications, and more.

automotive software


Acropolium's automotive software development is designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients, including rental agencies, manufacturers, automotive startups, and charging stations.

With our expertise, we help our clients save time and money by delivering custom business-focused solutions, such as navigation systems and GPS, fleet management software, automotive commerce solutions, and more.

fintech software


With a long history of delivering custom software development services to the FinTech industry, we have collaborated with various clients, including FinTech startups, ISPs, insurance services, and retail and e-commerce companies.

Our expertise in the FinTech sector is extensive, ranging from billing system development, and third-party platform integrations to chatbot development, accounting automation, and consulting services. We are eager to support your business growth through our experience!

retail software


We have helped wholesale suppliers, major retailers, and FMCG manufacturers achieve their goals by providing custom retail software solutions.

Acropolium's industry-specific software, including CRM/ERP systems, POS software, and warehouse management systems, can help reduce your costs and drive the continuous growth of your business.

Marketing & Events
marketing software

Marketing & Events

In today's competitive market, no business can thrive without modern marketing solutions and strategies. That's why retail and entertainment companies, enterprises looking for mobile apps, ISPs, and event planning companies have sought our assistance for custom marketing or event solutions.

We have provided a range of solutions, including social media apps, web solutions, event management apps, marketing automation software, and personalization software, enabling our clients to stay ahead of the competition.





Peter Drobec, Director of Engineering, Vestberry

  • location Slovakia
  • user 11-50 employees

Acropolium has been working on the development of our FinTech SaaS tool, their approach is flexible and they offer great value. The Acropolium team is professional and they adhere to our agile practices, consistently delivering expected outcomes.


  • location Germany
  • user 80 employees

Working with Acropolium transformed our business. Their expertise delivered a big data supply chain solution that revolutionized our logistics operations, enabling smarter decisions, process optimization, and growth. We’re thrilled with the results and eager for future collaboration.


  • location United Kingdom
  • user 50 employees

Working with Acropolium has become revolutionary for our company. The team's expertise, dedication, and innovation exceeded our expectations at every turn. Our new cryptocurrency asset management solution enables us to provide clients with cutting-edge trading tools, personalized investment solutions, and unparalleled security features.


CEO, PeopleCapacity

  • location Netherlands
  • user 1-10 employees

The completed health-focused product met project standards and attracted great initial feedback. I appreciate the quick reaction time and the quality of their work.


  • location Malta
  • user 21 employees

Thank you, guys, for delivering an exceptional crypto exchange platform for our business. Your team's expertise and dedication have truly transformed our trading operations. We appreciate your commitment to excellence and look forward to continued collaboration.


CTO, Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

  • location USA
  • user 11-50 employees

Internal stakeholders are pleased with Acropolium’s deliverables, noting the high quality of their engineers. Clients can expect an organized, professional, and effective partner.



  • location Germany
  • user 84 employees

The Acropolium team understood our unique industry challenges. Dedicated developers crafted an MVP web-based purchase order system perfectly suited to our needs. This product has transformed our operations, enabling seamless supplier management and effortless inventory tracking.


Ops Managing Director, Tech Migration & Management Company

  • location Switzerland
  • user 51-200 employees

Great and very smart people working there. Whomever I interacted with was impressive, from both technology and human side.


  • location United States of America
  • user 70 employees

We're thrilled with Acropolium's GPS navigator app development! Your dedication and attention to detail went above and beyond what we expected. Thanks for giving us a product that really stands out in the auto industry!


Digital Project Manager, Centaur Media

  • location United Kingdom
  • user 500+ employees

Acropolium is very good at listening and collectively thinking of solutions. If we give them a vague problem, Acropolium’s team will solve it.


  • location France
  • user 90 employees

We were amazed by Acropolium's outstanding work on our supply chain software. Their expertise, dedication, and attention to detail have completely revamped our operations, making them more transparent, efficient, and trustworthy.


Founder & Managing Director, International Trade Company

  • location United Kingdom
  • user 1-10 employees

Working with Acropolium helped me to concentrate more on strategic goals. They always shared their vision and suggested useful feature ideas.



  • location Switzerland
  • user 80 employees

Our company expresses profound gratitude to the team at Acropolium for developing our blockchain-based EHR management system. This team demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies of healthcare data management and the challenges we faced in ensuring both security and interoperability. The commitment to addressing our unique pains was evident in every project phase.


CTO, the Shipment company

  • location United States of America
  • user 51-200 employees

Acropolium developers are passionate about what they do. They prefer transparent relationships and keeping promises.


CEO, SWIFT Weather

  • location United States of America
  • user 1-10 employees

They remain SWIFT Weather’s trusted partner almost 3 years later. I can rely on them to let me know if there’s a better way to do something. They are a tremendous value as an outsourcing partner.

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