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Discover Acropolium's case studies on tailored software solutions for the oil and energy industry. Explore our expertise in developing robust and scalable software applications for energy management, asset tracking, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency.

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Blockchain-based Supply Chain Platform Development for Oil & Gas Company

Blockchain in supply chain case study describing the creation of a decentralized ledger system and smart contract. Integrating IoT devices like sensors and RFID tags. Implementing robust data analytics capabilities for risk management and predictions. Building a user-friendly interface for simple interactions.

Modernizing a Legacy ERP System to Boost Operational Efficiency at an Oil & Gas Company

We modernized a legacy oil and gas enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform by improving the interface and completely overhauling the technical infrastructure to improve platform uptime. We successfully introduced Agile methodologies to a client more familiar with Waterfall project management. We also updated the tech stack to increase system reliability. The client’s employees can now work more efficiently and no longer have to deal with the legacy ERP system’s complicated interface, leading to higher job satisfaction.