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Oil and Energy Company Software Consulting Services

Oil and Energy

  • Consulting (technology stack and cloud selection, architecture)

Oil and Energy Company Software Consulting Services


NDA Protected

  • image Belgium
  • image 20+ employees

Trading company that allowed users to trade on electricity units

request background

A new marketplace

A new law on the sale of electricity passed in the EU. It made it possible for individuals to create a marketplace where independent users could trade on electricity units.


Industry burdens

We were faced with several industry burdens because the requested solution was never existing on the market before.


  1. Connect clients with electricity providers
  2. Make it possible to sign a contract on a platform, based on their deal


Consulting process

  • image PHP, Laravel, Docker, K8s, PostgeSQL
  • image 3 months
  • image 2 specialists

It was not a marketplace in its regular sense, but a catalogue of providers with dynamic deals. The system allowed users to manage their properties and contract requests. We also suggested an architecture that allowed the platform to run without any failures and provided the best user experience.



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