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Discover Acropolium's case studies on software solutions for the logistics and transportation industry. Learn about our successful supply chain and logistics automation projects that helped streamline operations, reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.

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SAAS Fleet Management Software for a Logistics Company

Development of fleet management SaaS with advanced features. Improved fleet management with optimized routes and lower fuel consumption. Streamlining operations, reducing costs, and enhancing overall efficiency due to real-time tracking and data-driven decisions.

SaaS Warehouse Management System

Development of cloud-based warehouse management software to optimize and automate the warehousing operations of a 3PL provider. The logistics company operated with a legacy system, which didn’t support the integration of automation tools and required manual entries. To help the company remain competitive in a digitalized logistics environment, we have developed a comprehensive cloud-based WMS solution. Our development team utilized the latest cloud-computing practices to provide a scalable SaaS product for the client’s digital transformation.

Transportation Management System (TMS) Modernization

Refactoring and modernization of legacy software for a freight forwarder with a global client base. Enhancing this web-based transportation management system with new capabilities and its subsequent maintenance.

IoT-Based GPS Fleet Tracking App Development

Development of a GPS fleet tracking solution that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) data to provide visibility into what’s happening on the road in real time and allow interventions even if the truck is thousands of miles away. Optimizing the system’s code and improving its integration capabilities so it can display up to 1000 trucks on a map simultaneously and visualize their movements in real time.

Shipping Web Platform Development

Complete audit and further development of a shipping platform that enabled new third-party services integration, saved costs and significantly decreased the server load.

International Trade Digitalization & Paper Work Automation

Complete transformation from offline to online. Development of an export document system – automation of many customs forms and documents, implementation of pdf generation and track of content updates on external websites. Today, our client can help businesses worldwide with all the processes of international transportation and customs clearance all over the world.

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