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Mobile App Development and Web Platform optimization for shipping service provider

Transportation & Logistics

  • IoB
  • Code optimization
  • Maps and Geolocation
  • Mobile Development
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Consulting (technology stack and cloud selection, architecture)

Mobile App Development and Web Platform optimization for shipping service provider


NDA Protected

  • image United States of America

Client provides data-driven supply chain management solutions and services for freight forwarders/3PLs that are needed to compete in an industry increasingly threatened by digital brokerages like Uber Freight and Convoy.

request background

Deep Supply Chain & Logistics expertise

A client was looking for an IT vendor with deep knowledge in software solutions for Supply Chain and Logistics. The initial request was to build an MVP version of mobile app for truck drivers and brokers to track the real amount of working hours of drivers and get the payment for in-fact work.


Rapid development of a business-oriented solution

We were faced with super tight deadlines, as an MVP should have been ready in 3 months to receive investments for further development. On the internal side, the brokerage firms frequently refused to pay for the drivers’ hours when external circumstances occurred (traffic jams, vehicle breakdowns). Brokers feared that the drivers were overtracking. The delivery was longer than expected, while there was no evidence of actual time involved. The future solution was expected to solve this issue.


  1. Solve the solution of driver overtracking
  2. Provide a guarantee of payment to drivers in case of unforeseen circumstances
  3. Deliver the MVP solution in 3 months


Tackling critical issues

  • image Node.JS, React Native, React.JS
  • image 3 months
  • image 6 specialists

We started our collaboration from the audit phase. Our tech specialist investigated the existing web solution and Android mobile application. We found several critical issues that would lead to problems with further app scaling, maintenance, user experience and, what is more, with security. As applications are expected to work with sensitive personal data, this issue was critical. We optimized the core architecture, fixed bugs, made code optimization a primary focus. Afterwards, we optimized the existing Android app and developed iOS applications from scratch. All of this work was done within 3 months with tight deadlines.

  • Workable MVP of mobile application for iOS platform
  • Optimized Android application
  • Complete backend audit
  • Implemented maps and geolocation tracking function in real time
  • Implemented responsive user interface


MVP version in just 3 months

  • A client got investments for further solution development
  • Real time geolocation update
  • Drivers can get payment for geolocation update each minute
  • 90% increase of security level
  • 28% increase of session speed

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