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Shipping Web Platform Development

Transportation & Logistics

  • Maps and Geolocation
  • SSO
  • DevOps
  • Audit
  • Optimization
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Shipping Web Platform Development


NDA Protected

  • image United States of America
  • image 51-200 employees

The company delivers customized shipping solutions. Full service Third Party Logistics (3PL) with a great portfolio of transportation solutions from rail and to truckload to parcel packages.

request background

Error correction

The client requested us to complete the development of the platform. Since the previous vendors did not meet the deadlines, the system was full of bugs and could not go live into production. The client was looking for a reliable team that would be able to “pick up” the development in its current state, find solutions, fix bugs and release a working version for further development.


Trace after predecessors

Client has already invested a lot from the financial side, but did not get a solution that could work and bring income. Accordingly, the client has already lost a significant amount of end-users. Moreover, there was a significant failure while calculating the customer cost on the server due to which the client has lost up to 32% of profit monthly.


  1. Provide a complete solution audit
  2. Reduce the server load
  3. Cut down the costs on maintenance and support


There is always room for improvement

  • image PHP, Node.JS, React.JS, Elastic Search, AWS
  • image 1 years
  • image 9 specialists

First of all, we started with an explicit technical audit, found out the problem, fixed a lot of bugs, and optimized the code and architecture. We managed to launch the workable solution within 2 months, so the client has already started to attract new clients and income. In parallel, our team has continued to optimize existing platforms, making improvements and further optimizations.

  • Full system audit and optimization
  • Fixed major bugs relating to the calculating and payment features
  • Integrated new third-party services for cost saving
  • Significant reduction in the server load
  • After code optimization - significant cost reduction for support and maintenance


Reduction in the monthly expenses by 600%

  • We investigated the third-party services and suggested client alternatives for those he was using before
  • Our team has significantly decreased the server load
  • We fixed a bug related to price calculation for services
  • Save current customers and attracted 25 new customers during 2 months
  • 57% costs annually saved up
  • 46% cost reduced
  • 37% monthly profit increase

client feedback

They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner.

The most impressive is their rich tech background. Acropolium developers are passionate about what they do. That's why they always explore new technologies, dig deep into tech updates and seek for the right solution.

They prefer transparent relationships and keeping promises.

Acropolium provided a dedicated project manager to each team. The effective cooperation between the two parties along with the team's technical background allowed the project to push through.


CTO, the Shipment company


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