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International Trade Digitalization & Paper Work Automation

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International Trade Digitalization & Paper Work Automation


NDA Protected

  • image United Kingdom
  • image 1-10 employees

International trade software provider specializing in export / import procedures and documentation.

request background

Complete business transformation

We were contacted with a request to create a SaaS solution that will convert paper-based work and manual tasks to a digital paperless process. The future solution would combine this facility with the one to check requirements for shipping to a particular country. Additionally, the solution had to store order information and order/shipping templates. The client was looking for an IT vendor with a fresh approach to software solution development.


Facing the offline issues

The business was totally offline. It took a lot of time for manual paper work while filling custom declarations during export and import procedures. There was another issue with storage of order / shipping information, the client was seeking to automate this process. Considering the domain, the first challenge was that all the documents are set by the government. The lack of technical background, in-house tech team and trusted IT vendor was another issue.


  1. Document automation
  2. Verification of shipping requirements
  3. Order information storage


SaaS platform from scratch

  • image PHP, Laravel, React.JS, Node.JS, AWS
  • image 3 years
  • image 6 specialists

The project started with creating the capacity to output pdf forms. The main principle was to provide end-users with an application where they can enter certain data and generate standardized documents common to the industry sector and approved by governments. After reaching the goal, the solution went live and we started extending the system with additional features. Our team developed the SaaS platform from scratch and now we are working on new modules and advanced features.

  • Progressive increase in number of available documents
  • Implemented interface for entering data and storage of the entered information
  • Implementation of content templates for better user experience during data entering
  • Extended the solution via additional customs documents; customs declaration submission via API
  • Implemented functionality: user management, company management, subscription plans, internal chat with administrator (with web-sockets implemented), notifications mechanism for alerting if customs rules were changed in particular country


Annual income increase by 65%

  • We totally digitalized the client’s business from offline to online
  • Created a unique solution, which the client sells on SaaS model to customers online
  • Digitalization of more than 10 custom forms
  • Extended in coverage from 1 country to 8+ countries with the help of SaaS platform
  • Reduced cost for personnel by 60%
  • More than 37% of new enterprise customers
  • Automation of filing declaration forms by 100%
  • 37%+ new enterprise customers
  • 60% cost reduced
  • 100% Automation of filing declaration forms

client feedback

I was impressed by the quality and delivery of work by Acropolium, their dedication to my business and level of communication. They always shared their vision and suggested useful feature ideas. Working with Acropolium helped me to concentrate more on strategic goals. We always discuss ways for improvement and make our collaboration process better. I am satisfied with the result.


Founder & Managing Director, International Trade Company


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