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Biotech Enterprise SaaS Development for Remote Device Management and Quality Control System


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Biotech Enterprise SaaS Development for Remote Device Management and Quality Control System


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SaaS provider for remote device management


request background

CMMS development

An enterprise medical vendor wanted to organize, control and automate team workflow, medical equipment maintenance and give a hand to other companies who suffer from slow processes. The customer needed a so-called CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that would unite vendors and technicians, be a convenient platform for collaboration and speeding up quality checking operations.


Endless expenses

As a medical vendor, the client had to allocate a lot of human force and administrative expenses for the audit of all incoming assets, their certification and marking, quantity and quality control. Moreover, the client experienced major challenges in client-vendor communication, incurred big expenses on the workforce, and had ineffective and invisible data storage and access issues.


  1. Create a CMMS
  2. Cut down the expenses on the workforce
  3. Improve client-to-client and client-vendor communication


Development progress journey

  • image C#, Xamarin, SQLServer, NUnit, ASP.NET MVC, Razor, SQL Server Management Studio, .NET, EF6, MVC 5, Web API 2, WPF, ClickOnce, SSRS, JavaScript, JQuery, Telerik UI, Azure Cloud Service
  • image 10+ years
  • image 10+ specialists

We started with a system audit and built a turnkey team for both web and mobile solutions. We also set up development systems and helped with enterprise SaaS architecture. Our computerized maintenance management system solution was a flexible high load platform that resolved the asset compliance and maintenance, optimized cloud-based data storage, and provided remote calibration of various medical devices. We have also created a SSO for the company member and delivered a mobile app to oversee all of the procedures.


65% sales increase

  • Easy-to-use dashboard with administrative panels and different features increased loyalty by 75%
  • Improved client-to-client and client-vendor communication attracted 30% of new customers
  • Heavy load capacity increased by 57%

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