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Dental Clinic Mobile App Development


  • Cloud solutions
  • DevOps
  • Consulting (technology stack and cloud selection, architecture)
  • Fast Search on Big Data
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • BaaS
  • Mobile Development
  • Big Data

Dental Clinic Mobile App Development



  • image Czech Republic
  • image 100+ employees

Internal R&D Department Project - Dental Sketch


Helping the dentists

We were willing to create a dental clinic app application that would simplify the work of the dentist, clearly demonstrate the treatment plan and make it possible to store the patient’s card online. Visualization of the final result was also added to enhance the customer experience and allow doctors not only to tell, but to show the real outcome of the treatment.


  1. Create an app that would ease the life of dentists and their patients


Successful development

  • image React.js, Nodejs, PHP, Laravel, Mariadb, AWS
  • image 7+ months
  • image 5 specialists

We created a dental clinic app that allowed patients to store their visit cards online. After each appointment all of the necessary patient records, data of the initial state, options for a treatment plan, and X-rays were uploaded to the electronic card. We also added a function of viewing the number of patients per day that saved the doctors’ time on document generation.


Interested in the product?

  • The product of our R&D Department has not yet found its owner.
  • It may help your private dental clinic to increase patient loyalty, attract new customers, improve the quality of services, and completely automate all paperwork.

Have a business idea?

Feel free to contact us and get a free healthcare and wellness consultation session.

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