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SAAS Appointment Scheduling Software for a Medical Clinic


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Development of a multi-functional SaaS appointment scheduling solution. Integrating medical scheduling software with an electronic health record (EHR) system. Improving customer service and clinic workflow with online scheduling, automated reminders, and medical record access.


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  • image United States of America
  • image 250-500 employees

The US-based healthcare clinic has its appointment booking SaaS solution, which allows 200+ medical providers and their patients to streamline the scheduling process. Both small and big organizations benefit from patient appointment software using online scheduling, automated reminders, medical records overview, reporting, and analytics features.

SaaS scheduling software

request background

Clinic scheduling software development

The clinic decided to create a medical appointment scheduling software and turn it into a SaaS solution. So, we had to develop a comprehensive patient scheduling system and integrate it with electronic health record (EHR) solutions. The SaaS appointment software should have basic and premium subscriptions.,

The main objective of doctor appointment scheduling software development was to allow patients to make appointments online, eliminating the need for manual scheduling. Sending automatic reminders via SMS and email would be sufficient to reduce no-shows.

In addition, the clinic wanted to give patients access to their medical records, educational materials, and communication with healthcare specialists through the doctor appointment scheduling software.

The staff module of the medical appointment scheduling system would allow personnel to review records in real-time and make changes. Also, we needed to set up detailed reports on patient flow, appointment trends, and clinic performance.

And, of course, the healthcare appointment scheduling software had to meet all industry standards and guarantee the security of sensitive client data.

Appointment booking SaaS


Medical appointment software for streamlined workflow and enhanced patient experience

The clinic faced several challenges with its existing patient appointment system, which we had to solve.

Without medical scheduling software solutions, the clinic relied on manual processes. This outdated approach led to staff overload, as well as scheduling errors due to the human factor. Manual record-keeping caused overbooked appointment slots and inefficient scheduling, so patients had to wait longer. As a result, the staff was burnt out, and the customers remained dissatisfied.

Another major problem was that a large share of patients did not show up for appointments unannounced. For the clinic, this meant revenue loss and wasted resources. The damage was much greater than the cost of medical appointment scheduling software development.

Finally, an outdated approach to communication and customer service directly affected client engagement. It was necessary to automate existing processes with patient appointment scheduling software development and find new opportunities to increase user involvement.


  1. Reducing patient no-shows with automatic reminders and improved interactions through healthcare scheduling software.
  2. Shortening the waiting time for a response from staff with the availability of real-time data and optimized planning.
  3. Reduction of staff workload and better organization of the process thanks to doctor appointment software with automated planning and reporting.
  4. Improving the patient experience, including ease of booking and access to medical records via clinic scheduling software.
SaaS appointment scheduling


From manual booking to medical patient scheduling software

  • image Node.js, Django and Flask, AWS, Azure, Vue.js
  • image 15 months
  • image 6 specialists

To solve these problems, we developed patient appointment scheduling software that helped streamline the workflow and improve the customer experience.

The first thing we had to do was to prepare the SaaS scheduling app for the general public. To do this, we opted for a cloud solution to allow the platform's scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. At the same time, it was essential to protect the data of medicians and their patients, as well as to ensure safe login to the clinic appointment scheduling software.

Also, we should provide users with basic functionality. So we added online planning functions to our healthcare scheduling system, automatic reminders via SMS and e-mail, and visibility of records in real-time with the ability to make changes.

In addition to the SaaS nature, we added another monetization option — a premium subscription for users. Upgraded patient scheduling platform included access to their medical records, multilingual support, advanced reporting, and 24/7 personal support. To allow entry to medical records, we connected the patient appointment scheduling app to an electronic health record (EHR) system.

We also provide paid multi-user access to the clinic appointment management system. This will be useful for large clinics or medical facilities with many employees who need administrative access.

And, of course, our team equipped the patient scheduling software with detailed reporting and analytics tools. Today, the SaaS appointment scheduling app offers staff detailed reports on patient movement, trends, and clinic performance.

  • SaaS appointment app with all essential features.
  • Secure clinic scheduling software development with two levels of access — basic and premium.
  • Multi-language support and multi-user access.
  • Integration of patient appointment booking system with an electronic health record (EHR) platform.


A complex SaaS healthcare scheduling software development

  • A 30% decrease in patient no-show rates.
  • Average patient wait time was reduced by 25%.
  • 40% increase in the number of patients accessing their medical records through the hospital scheduling software.
SAAS Appointment Scheduling Software for a Medical Clinic

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