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Addiction Recovery Mobile App Development


  • Mobile Development
  • Maps and Geolocation

Development of custom addiction recovery mobile application for a private psychological center, that could provide anonymous questionnaire lists for people with different types of addiction.


NDA Protected

  • Netherlands
  • 1-10 employees

Private psychological help center for people with different types of addiction.

request background

Сross-platform healthcare app

Create a cross-platform addiction recovery application for both iOS and Android that could identify diseases, addictions and personal mental issues, to minimize the offline communication on sensitive topics and provide the necessary advice and assistance.


Communication problems

The client had no in-house technical background that resulted in the absence of an online communication platform. The clinic clients, in their turn, often refused to talk on sensitive topics offline leading to miscommunication and inability to help from the clinic’s side.

  1. Create an app that will foster communication
  2. Increase the patient flow
  3. Connect to doctors via app

In the pursuit of success

  • React Native, Firebase, Nodejs
  • 4+ months
  • 3 specialists

Together, we discussed the main objectives of the new addiction recovery app development and made a detailed roadmap. The rehab addiction recovery application we developed worked on both iOS and Android. It allowed users to complete a mini drug test, connect to doctors and healthcare organisations, view libraries of alcohol and hallucinogens, and spot locations of illegal points of alcohol and drug selling, which could be later used by police.


Impressive results in 4 months

  • The flow of new rehab patients increased by 36 percent
  • Increase in patient loyalty of 42 percent
  • The new function increased the number of drug sales points found by 48 percent
client feedback

The completed health-focused product met project standards and attracted great initial feedback, forecasting a positive reception after launching in app stores. Acropolium’s quick reaction time, flexible payment schedule, and high-quality work continue to impress. I have been very satisfied with how Acropolium’s developer performed. I appreciate the speed of their work, quick reaction time, and, last but not least, the quality of their work.

CEO, PeopleCapacity

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