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Veterinary Telemedicine Platform Development


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Veterinary Telemedicine Platform Development


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A huge e-commerce company for pet owners, working with the production, distribution and sale of pet products, including medicines. Company also provides support services and connects to veterinarians, who can assist with pet consultations 24/7.

Veterinary Telemedicine Platform Development

request background

Complex video chat integration

An existing veterinary telehealth platform solution was quite complicated. Therefore, it was hard to choose a reliable third-party partner for telehealth video chat integration without relevant experience in the in-house team.



Lack of in-house expertise in integration with video chatting solutions.


  1. Choose a few options of video chatting providers
  2. Optimize the web interface and mobile app
  3. Implement brand new functions


Steps to improvement

  • image React Native, React.JS, webRTC, webSocket
  • image 1+ years
  • image 2 specialists

We suggested several third-party video communication providers and chose the perfect one for the client's needs. We implemented real time video communication with a pet consultant, optimized the web interface and mobile application. Moreover, we continued working on improving the code quality and developed new functionality for pet telehealth platforms.


Impressive business results

  • Client loyalty grew by 37 percent
  • Product sales for pet owners rose by 44 percent
  • Increase in new users platform visits of 67 percent

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