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HIPAA Compliant Medical App Development


  • Audit
  • Project Rescue
  • DevOps
  • Cloud solutions
  • Multi-platform App

HIPAA Compliant Medical App Development


NDA Protected

  • image United States of America

The first fully-integrated virtual healthcare company, initially focused on the underserved but massive market of sexual health.

request background


We were to develop a HIPAA compliant medical app new application function subject to US law.


Number of issues

There were several different external medical app vendors from different countries working on the project, resulting in the absence of a uniform documentation and a large technical debt. The code quality was very low, there was no specification and architecture documentation, therefore, a massive audit needed to be conducted.


  1. Conduct a complete audit
  2. Optimize the code quality
  3. Put the system in order for further scaling


On the way to perfection

  • image .NET Core, C#, Azure, Objective-C, Java
  • image 6 months
  • image 6 specialists

Due to the large technical debt and complete lack of documentation, we spent a lot of time on research, standardizing the documents and creating needed documentation. We had to understand what each function and module are responsible for. We optimized the code, infrastructure, and put in order the system for further scaling and the development of new features. Later, we developed the required functions for the HIPAA compliant medical app which we were asked for.


Project rescue completed

  • Reduced IT budget by 40 percent
  • New function delivery time reduced by 56 percent
  • Increase in customer loyalty of 38 percent due to the new function
  • 40% reduced IT budget
  • 56% delivery time reduced
  • 38% increase in customer loyalty

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