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Automotive E-Commerce Platform Development for a Large Enterprise


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  • Multi-platform development
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Custom development of an automotive vehicle performance analysis platform enabling the company’s customers to compare various vehicle offers based on selected parameters. Seamless integration of the designed automotive e-commerce software into the client’s existing framework.


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  • image Europe
  • image 10000+ employees

The company is a large mobility technology enterprise in the automotive industry that offers a unique vehicle performance analysis program to its customers. This business provides its customers with deep industry insights, helping them to elevate their automotive business and stay competitive.

Custom automotive ecommerce platform development

request background

Automotive E-commerce Website — An Integrated Platform that Improves Customer Experience

Our client asked for a platform to place their informational products and vehicle-related insights for their customers. The project required integrating vehicle systems, models, and component databases into a platform for intuitive asset comparison.

The client used the Salesforce Experience Cloud solution as part of their CRM strategy. Thus, our secondary task was to ensure the automotive e-commerce platform complied with the client’s digital experience platform.

Benchmarking platform development by automotive website provider


Automotive Business Software for a Large Enterprise

During our partnership, we encountered several challenges from the technical point of view and company size perspective. Since the client’s business was a big enterprise, we had to adjust our working pace to the decision-making time regulated by the partner’s internal policies. Also, the client was focused on the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) approach, where strictly set goals had to be met with measurable results.

We needed to develop a result-oriented strategy where each feature was released according to the schedule. Therefore, we had to build a team with a solid approach to development and documentation to prepare the project components timely.

Our development team was asked to provide several redesigns following the client’s corporate style and branding. As a reliable automotive website provider, our team had to focus on compliance with preliminary established non-functional requirements. During one of the redesign stages, we had to reconsider the platform’s data organization while maintaining its integrity.

To enhance the platform with flexible search and improve customer experience, we needed to leverage full-text search based on PostgreSQL. That way, we implemented a more functional search so that users could find the required product by its characteristics.


  1. Our client required a new automotive e-commerce platform to promote their offerings. The product was intended to share deliverables with its users within an intuitive and responsive design.
  2. The platform had to comprise a well-established database synchronizing with the client’s business assets and providing a smart search for the users.
  3. For that automotive e-commerce software, ensuring the system was highly secured, scalable, standard-compliant, and reliable was essential.
Automotive ecommerce platform development for a large enterprise


A Comprehensive Automotive E-commerce Platform with Advanced Search

  • image SignalR, .NET 6, D3.js, Angular 13, Material Angular 12, Microsoft Azure, Terraform, PostgreSQL
  • image 18 years
  • image 5 specialists

We meticulously planned the project, setting development stages and milestones for the client's progress tracking. We discussed communication methods and reporting frequency and focused on delivering compliant automotive e-commerce solutions.

Our developers chose .net 6, Angular 13, and Material Angular 12.2.13 for the front-end and back-end application development. For infrastructure task automation, our developers used the Terraform tool. To provide effective communication between clients and servers, we utilized SignalR libraries. By choosing PostgreSQL for flexible search, we ensured users could find the product by its name and key characteristics.

The integration solution with MS Sharepoint and files sync functionality resulted in an automobile ecommerce website that met the client’s expectations. We leveraged advanced technologies and strong developer expertise to create software that works seamlessly with the client’s framework.

Having implemented automotive retail software best practices, Acropolium provided the client with documentation explaining the logic behind the product’s infrastructure. While delivering the ultimate integrated solution, we ensured a successful product use where the client understood its tech peculiarities.

Integrated software solution for the ecommerce automotive industry
  • Several front-end applications for different kinds of offerings. The client required a platform where users could register, order benchmarks, and view benchmark reports. At the same time, the product had to enable users to share the information with colleagues through an invite link. We developed a few front-end apps so that the required features operated smoothly, allowing the users to reveal the product’s full potential.
  • A few responsive redesigns that preserve data integrity. Initially, the client asked us to create a design following their brand style and visual elements. After completing the first iteration, our design team focused on ensuring data consistency and integrity within the second iteration of design changes.
  • A backend application for effective data management. Since the client’s product is designed based on big amounts of data, it needed thorough allocation and logical structure. We built a backend application to optimize and systemize data management, ensuring it’s processed and displayed correctly.
  • Integration solution for the platform. The automobile e-commerce website was built on crucial customer-related data, which required seamless integration into the client’s existing CRM strategy. Our developers utilized Microsoft Sharepoint with file sync functionality for adequate customer data and internal file management.
  • Boolean-logic-based advanced user search. Advanced search on the platform was a high-priority feature. Our development team managed to implement boolean logic into the search development process without additional resources spent. As a result, the search functionality allows users to make sophisticated queries consisting of several words.
  • Project template for the clients’ future internal projects, including infrastructure settings and documentation for the chosen tech stack.


Tailored Automotive E-commerce Software That Increases Revenue & Customer Loyalty

  • An easy-to-use vehicle performance analytics platform improved the number of loyal users by 65%.
  • Seamless platform integration with the client’s CRM system reduced customer journey bottlenecks by 85%.
  • Providing clients with an easy-to-search platform for vehicle comparison increased daily transactions by 25%.

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