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Leading Automotive Company Powertrain Software Audit & Consulting


  • Consulting (technology stack and cloud selection, architecture)
  • Audit
  • Cloud solutions
  • Blockchain

Independent automotive software audit for one of the on-going internal automotive projects. We helped the client to analyze the quality of existing solutions, find the bottlenecks in the architecture and security, and suggested improvement options.


NDA Protected

  • Austria
  • 1000+ employees

The leading independent automotive company for the development, simulation and testing of powertrain systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction, large engines and their integration into the vehicle.

request background

Looking for experience

The client was looking for a technology partner, who had deep experience in business and software development. They wanted a partner who cloud create a central data-driven SaaS platform for standardized and scalable applications.


Comprehensive audit

The client had several offshore vendors and it was quite hard to do a comprehensive audit of all operating internal systems and code quality.

  1. Suggest reliable data security options
  2. Examine the quality of the existing automotive powertrain software
  3. Audit microservice architecture

Clear overview

  • Azure, C#, Angular.JS
  • 1+ years
  • 4 specialists

We had several offline and online sessions to promptly investigate the powertrain software solutions. Having conducted a thorough technology and security audit, we provided a detailed report with improvement instructions and training options for the in-house and nearshore development teams. The client received professional software audits and consulting on the used technologies, architecture and code quality and level of security. We also consulted the company on scalability, reusability and maintainability of the solution, and helped with CI / CD implementation.


Brand new solution

  • Improvement of the security system by 40 percent
  • Reduction of bottlenecks by 90 percent
  • In-house team tech knowledge boost

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