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EV Charging App Development: CRM & Mobile App for Charging Stations


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Creation of a multifunctional CRM solution to manage charging stations and get valuable, data-based insights. Improving customer experience and loyalty with electric vehicle charging app development.


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  • image United Kingdom
  • image 11-50 employees

This UK-based automotive company owns around 1000 charging points and sets new customer service quality standards.

EV charging app development

request background

Electric car charging app development for better management and customer service

The company needed two EV charging apps to manage its stations and create a convenient user experience.

A CRM system should allow employees to control charging points and rates, communicate with customers, and handle transaction details. The solution required revenue, charging, and total energy usage reports, exporting data to CSV and PDF formats. Also, it was crucial for the electric car charger app to regulate customer loyalty programs.

A mobile charging station app needed wide functionality with an intuitive interface. The user should be able to find nearby charging points, activate the one via a QR code, replenish the payment balance, purchase the service, and get bonuses from a loyalty program. Charging history and accident reporting was also a must.

Acropolium’s team took on the EV apps project to enhance the customer experience and streamline internal operations.

Electric vehicle charging app development


Secure and stable IoT integration for EV charging station app development

One of the primary challenges was guaranteeing real-time data updates, demanding integration with IoT. We realized that this would take longer than other tasks. The team needed to address a range of technical, logistical, and security considerations for this tesla charging stations app.

The electric charging stations app should enable secure and reliable communication between points and the network. It was important to protect the data from unauthorized access and establish retention policies and procedures to ensure its availability as long as necessary.

The automotive company had no experience with IT service vendors and Agile methodologies, so Acropolium needed to provide clear guidance and communication throughout the EV charge app project.

We should ensure stakeholders understand the project requirements, risks, and issues and how our solutions would deal with them. Also, we had to schedule meetings or check-ins to discuss the car charging app status and address any concerns.


  1. The client needed a user-friendly mobile app for electric vehicle charging stations that would provide a seamless experience to customers. We needed to design an intuitive interface, allowing users to easily find and use the features they need, as well as ensure that it was fast, reliable, and responsive.
  2. A web-based EV charging app should help employees manage charging points, customer data, and transaction details. Thus, the company could improve workflows, optimize the use of stations, and make data-based decisions.
  3. Optimization of internal processes and enhanced client experience had to be reflected in specific metrics. It was expected that the electric vehicle charging apps would increase customer retention by 40% and revenue by 30%


Multifunctional electric car charging stations app for customers and employees

  • image Node.js, React.JS, React Native, AWS
  • image 3 months
  • image 5 specialists

We started the project with careful planning of development stages and milestones with intermediate results so that the client could always track the progress of the EV charging stations app. We discussed preferred methods of communication and the frequency of calls and reporting.

Also, the team thoughtfully approached the choice of the technology stack. For example, the AWS cloud platform allowed us to build a scalable and secure EV charging station app able to process and analyze data from 1000 charging stations, their employees, and users.

To create a mobile electric car charging app for both iOS and Android, we used React Native framework. With it, the development team could write code once and use it across multiple platforms, saving time and effort.

The integration of the app for EV charging stations with IoT devices presented a complex set of use cases, such as constant signal processing, real-time data reporting, and visualization. Using Node.js and React.js helped us streamline this process and ensure that all data was accurately captured and displayed.

Thus, the experience of our developers and advanced technologies allowed Acropolium to create a CRM and app for charging stations:

  • A web-based app for electric charging stations allows employees to add new points and register them as IoT devices for data capturing.
  • Managers can also set static prices or apply rules for their points.
  • Integration with IoT devices helps process signals by collecting and updating data in real time. This allows users to visualize the charging points' status, energy consumption level, and balance.
  • In the EV charging app, the data is available in web and map format and can be exported in .csv or .pdf formats.
  • Users can replenish their payment balance and pay for services, activate charging points via a QR code, and create support tickets and receive high-quality feedback in case of any issues.
  • EV charging app features include a loyalty program to improve customer retention and engagement by offering rewards for frequent usage.
  • The mobile option of the electric vehicle charging app was published in AppStore and Google Market.


Electric vehicle charging stations app to boost customer loyalty and revenue

  • A user-friendly EV charge app with a loyalty program improved customer retention and the number of loyal users by 50%.
  • Customers were more likely to use the charging points with a platform, resulting in a 45% increase in revenue.
  • Providing clients with an easy-to-use platform for managing their charging needs enhanced the number of daily transactions by 25%.
EV charging station app development

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