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request background

Low email rates

Having a low open rate, the client wanted to change the situation and create an email marketing tool that would increase the rates.


Never seen on the market solution

At the time of the email marketing tool development, there were no similar projects that could easily solve the client’s issue. Therefore, we had to conduct a deep research and create our own solution never seen on the market before.


  1. Create a tool that will increase the open and reply email rates


From the analysis to the product

  • image PHP, JavaScript
  • image 6 months
  • image 4 specialists

We conducted an analysis of when the recipients actually open their email letters. Based on the statistics, it became possible to understand on which days and in what time users spend more time on the email platform. So we suggested the company send marketing emails at these intervals, thereby guaranteeing the full involvement of the user in the functionality of the resource and later implemented the solution.


Modern solution with amazing results

  • Increase in open rate of 40 percent
  • Reply rate growth of 32 percent
  • Reduction of emails gone into spam of 55 percent

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