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SaaS-based Live Event Streaming Platform Development

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SaaS-based live streaming platform development for an event management provider with payment system integration into the client’s legacy software. Modernization of the existing client system for scalability while ensuring a smooth and interactive experience for the platform’s users.



  • image Denmark
  • image 92 employees

A leading third-party provider of cutting-edge event management solutions delivering innovative services to corporate entities, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

live event streaming app development case study by Acropolium

request background

Switching to SaaS to elevate existing software with advanced live streaming technology

The client experienced a strong need to create a live-streaming app that would empower its clients to effortlessly coordinate, oversee, and broadcast live events to a worldwide audience.

Focused on elevating its service portfolio, our client decided to step toward SaaS-based video streaming app development for existing functionality upgrades. At the same time, the company stressed the significance of incorporating robust payment systems.

Overall, the request was centered around revitalizing outdated system components within the platform to enhance performance, scalability, and user satisfaction.

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Legacy event management system modernization with integration features and state-of-the-art technologies

Our client encountered a significant challenge in adapting its current event management infrastructure to modern customer needs technology-wise. Integrating and merging legacy systems with novice technologies and additional tools also posed issues to the client’s workflow.

Since the company’s client scope is wide and diverse, they had to ensure consistent video streaming performance regardless of traffic volumes and server loads. That being said, our first task was to analyze the client’s system bottlenecks and build a live-streaming app that would address the industry’s challenges.

Furthermore, the platform required seamless integration of robust payment systems to enable smooth transactions and provide monetization options for event organizers and attendees. During the live-streaming app development, we had to prioritize integration settings to ensure that the new system cooperates with top billing tools.

Our challenge was to turn the client’s obstacles into growth opportunities, working on their inner tech issues and improving user interactions with live-chat features. Having mapped out the stages of live-streaming platform development with the client, our developers outlined the following main goals:


  1. Enhance scalability, performance, and maintainability of the live-event streaming platform by updating existing infrastructure, ensuring alignment with contemporary technologies and industry standards.
  2. Seamlessly incorporate secure payment gateways, merchant services, and financial APIs to streamline payment processing, billing, invoicing, and revenue tracking functionalities for event organizers and customers.
  3. Introduce interactive elements like live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and social media integration to elevate audience engagement and encourage real-time interaction throughout live events.
  4. Improve scalability, reliability, and performance of the platform, implementing SaaS best practices for seamless operation even during peak traffic and high-demand events.
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Live video-streaming app development with client’s revenue and users in mind

  • image Node.js, Express.Js, MongoDB, Redis, React.Js, Redux, Socket.IO, Stripe API, OAuth2.0, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
  • image 14 months
  • image 8 specialists

To design an intuitive SaaS-based live event-streaming platform, our development and business analytics team began by analyzing market demands and user requirements. Thus, we identified key features and functionalities needed for a reliable product.

Then, we outlined a comprehensive strategy encompassing business goals, target audience, revenue models, and a roadmap for seamless integration of advanced features. Next, we employed flexible monetization options to help the client unlock fresh revenue streams and optimize their return on investment.

Considering the current system issues, the development team decided on an appropriate tech stack for software modernization. Our developers implemented Agile methodology to promote adaptability and responsiveness to changing requirements throughout the development lifecycle.

Acropolium also conducted rigorous testing at each development stage. This phase included unit, integration, and user acceptance testing to ensure the platform complied with the highest quality and performance standards. Serving as a live-streaming app development company, we contributed to the following project’s milestones:

  • Integrated scalable architecture and conducted rigorous performance optimization to ensure the platform's ability to handle increasing loads and deliver a seamless experience during peak usage.
  • Employed robust security measures, including encryption protocols and secure access controls, to safeguard the platform against potential cyber threats and protect user data.
  • Seamlessly integrated secure payment gateways, merchant services, and financial APIs to facilitate smooth transactions, billing, invoicing, and revenue tracking functionalities for event organizers and attendees.
  • Implemented interactive features like live chat, polls, Q&A sessions, and social media integration to boost audience engagement and foster real-time interaction during live events.


A scalable and dependable SaaS event platform with the latest live-streaming features

  • The client’s users can now effortlessly host and live-stream offline events to a global audience, with streaming lags optimized by 95%
  • Using this solution, the users can achieve global streaming with an end-to-end latency of two seconds or less.
  • The SaaS platform dynamically scales up during peak viewing hours with increased elasticity and intelligent load balancing to accommodate its viewers seamlessly.
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