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Cross-platform E-learning Portal Development for an EdTech Company

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E-learning software development for students and tutors, enabling users to streamline the education process for both parties within comprehensive mobile and web applications. A scalable solution with simple course-building and customization features, automated document generation, and video-streaming functionality.



  • image Germany
  • image 49 employees

Our client is a progressive education technology business committed to revolutionizing conventional learning approaches through innovative digital solutions. Prioritizing accessibility and flexibility, the company aims to empower learners and tutors globally by offering flexible, user-friendly online platforms for effective and smooth delivery of educational content.

e-learning software development case study by Acropolium

request background

Comprehensive e-learning portal development for a seamless web and mobile learning experience

In response to the evolving digital education demands, the client set their focus on tailoring its products to meet the growing need for accessibility and flexibility. The company turned to Acropolium’s software development and process automation expertise for a user-friendly online solution.

Our client’s core objective was to build an online learning platform to foster a dynamic and engaging user learning environment. Our core goals centered on delivering a highly functional yet intuitive system that simplifies online education for those who teach and learn.

Besides mobile and web availability, the future platform had to integrate with other learning tools while supporting video streaming and in-app communication.

e-learning platform development with video streaming and document generation features


Accessible, user-centric custom e-learning platform with video-streaming, automation, and document-generation features

The task at hand was to create an online courses platform that met the diverse requirements of learners and educators. The solution was supposed to not only offer a customizable functionality for tutors, but it also had to adapt to individual learning processes.

Introducing video streaming features posed technical challenges, requiring meticulous planning to ensure optimal performance on desktop and mobile devices. Before embarking on the e-learning development process, our developers had to ensure decent data exchange capacity, optimizing the platform’s load and speed for smooth performance.

Integrating document generation technologies demanded a delicate balance between flexibility, user-friendliness, and robust functionality. Furthermore, ensuring accessibility for users with varying needs and preferences added an extra layer of complexity to e-learning software development.


  1. Implement video streaming capabilities to allow educators to upload and deliver high-quality video content seamlessly as an integral part of their courses.
  2. Integrate easy-to-use development tools, allowing educators to effortlessly create and customize course content without requiring extensive coding knowledge.
  3. Create an e-learning website with a user-centric approach, adhering to accessibility standards like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure an inclusive and uncomplicated experience.
  4. Provide alternative formats for content consumption, including captions for videos, transcripts for audio content, and alternative text for images.
  5. Incorporate document generation technology for the automation of course materials, quizzes, assessments, and certificates, streamlining the content creation process.
  6. Ensure cross-platform compatibility by optimizing the software for various devices and platforms.
e-learning website development with Acropolium


Scalable e-learning software development with adaptive design and customizable learning flow

  • image HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Apache POI (Java), React Native, Node.js, PDF Kit (Node.js), WebRTC, PostgreSQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, RESTful APIs
  • image 18 months
  • image 6 specialists

In response to the challenges faced by the client, Acropolium adopted a systematic approach to create an online learning platform with users’ needs in mind. To overcome the technical complexities associated with video streaming, our development team employed WebRTC for seamless performance across various devices.

To tackle the intricacies of document generation technologies, our team prioritized a user-centric design, enabling document creation and automation with PDF Kit (Node.js) Apache POI (Java). This approach ensured ease of use and enhanced the overall user experience for educators and learners.

Recognizing the importance of accessibility, our development process included a comprehensive evaluation of user needs and preferences. By implementing inclusive design practices, we ensured the platform catered to a diverse audience with varying requirements.

  • Focusing on user-friendliness, our designers analyzed the current visual and technical trends in the e-learning niche, delivering functional visuals that appeal to the eye and mind.
  • The customization features for tutors involved leveraging visual editors, drag-and-drop functionalities, and pre-built templates to simplify the content creation process without requiring extensive coding skills.
  • For both tutors and students, Acropolium implemented intuitive navigation, readable fonts, and adjustable contrast ratios to ensure an inclusive and user-friendly experience.
  • To develop e-learning platform video streaming capabilities, we enabled the integration of adaptive streaming protocols and cloud-based solutions for seamless uploading and streaming experiences.
  • With the platform’s flexibility in mind, our developers utilized automated tools for generating and syncing captions, transcripts, and alt text, ensuring content is accessible to users with varying abilities and preferences.
  • By using advanced template engines, data merge tools, and document processing libraries, we helped the client streamline the document creation process, thus enhancing efficiency for educators.
  • We adopted responsive design principles and technologies that support multi-platform functionality. As part of cross-platform development, we conducted extensive testing across different systems and devices, optimizing performance for a consistent and reliable user experience.
  • During the final e-learning web development stage, we ensured the product’s scalability by regularly updating and maintaining its compatibility with the evolving technological requirements.


Fundamental e-learning portal development providing access to a broad spectrum of educational content and cutting the client’s overheads

  • The integration of video streaming features and interactive course materials boosted user engagement by 85%.
  • By automating document generation processes, the client reduced administrative overheads by 65%.
  • The user-centric design and cross-platform compatibility enable the company to cater to a broader audience, resulting in a 40% shift in user registrations.
build an e-learning website to drive user engagement with Acropolium

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