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Restaurant Chatbot Development Case Study - Acropolium


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Restaurant Chatbot Development Case Study - Acropolium


Internal R&D Department project

  • image Ukraine

request background

Post-Covid restaurant business app

The pandemic situation made the market adapt to new realities. Restaurants had to digitize their business to attract more customers online, increase loyalty, and reduce staff costs.


Rapid restaurant chatbot solution

The longer the chatbot was developed, the more potential online orders the restaurant would lose. We understood that. Therefore, we had to find a solution that would both increase time to market and save money on development.


  1. Increase time to market
  2. Reduce restaurant chatbot development costs
  3. Integrate a payment gateway


Saving the restaurant costs

  • image Nodejs, internal backend system
  • image 3 weeks
  • image 2 specialists

Having analyzed the needs and requirements of the client, we decided to use a ready-made Low-Code solution for the backend part. That allowed our team to focus on the business logic of the restaurant chatbot, like content and carts, and seamlessly integrate it with the Low-Code system. It also saved costs on further support and eliminated all the bugs that could possibly appear on the custom chatbot backend project. What is more, the custom business logic would take us three months to develop, whereas Low-Code made it possible in just 3 weeks.


Impressive speed of development

  • Reduction of restaurant chatbot development costs by 75 %
  • Reduced time to market by 60%
  • Reduction of further support costs by 80%

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