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Key takeaways

  • SaaS hospitality platforms optimize operations, automate processes, and enhance customer retention with personalized offerings.
  • They provide complete control over bookings, ensure data security and compliance, and streamline management.
  • The subscription-based SaaS model’s flexibility and adaptability make it a cost-effective solution for hospitality businesses of all sizes.
  • The global SaaS market, valued at $358.33B in 2024, is projected to reach $1,016.44B by 2032.
  • The SaaS hospitality market is expected to grow from $24.2B in 2024 to $75.3B in 2030 at a CAGR of 20.7%.

With the rising adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS) models, tech-savvy hotel and tourist businesses are embracing the power of cloud solutions. Emerging as the biggest technology trend, hospitality SaaS products streamline operations by automating routine hotel and booking tasks while ensuring data security and compliance.

The beauty of hotel SaaS solutions lies in their diverse functionality, where prompt accessibility and automated data processing work both ways — for customers and businesses.

Crafting hospitality software, Acropolium has been recognized by Clutch as a top IT service company for leisure companies. Today, we will share our clients’ success stories of adopting the cloud, breaking down the key features and business advantages of SaaS models.

Smart & SaaS Hospitality Market Size

SaaS hospitality market size and predictions

Businesses increasingly adopt SaaS solutions to reduce IT costs and boost scalability. These solutions are now easier to configure and customize, allowing for tailored systems that meet specific needs. As companies grow, SaaS platforms help encode corporate policies, enhance communication and efficiency, and explore new revenue opportunities.

Valued at $358.33B in 2024, the global SaaS market is to reach approximately $1,016.44B by 2032. At the same time, the SaaS hospitality market is estimated to grow from $24,2B in 2024 to $75,3B in 2030 at a CAGR of 20.7%.

What is Hospitality SaaS?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a cloud-based distribution model transforming how applications are delivered and accessed. Hospitality SaaS apps replace traditional on-premises software installations by hosting applications in the cloud, allowing users to access them online.

This subscription-based model enables hotels to pay for the software on a regular basis, typically monthly or annually, instead of making costly upfront investments in infrastructure. Since the key advantage of this model is flexibility and adaptability, it can benefit small companies, startups, and large enterprises. By developing custom products, hospitality SaaS companies help modern businesses grow with:

  • Automation of daily tasks and hotel data management.
  • Smooth scalability and adaptation to changing business needs and growth.
  • Enhanced guest experience and loyalty through personalized AI/ML-based services.
  • Comprehensive reservation management
  • Data protection and adherence to regulatory standards.

Use Cases of Custom SaaS Hospitality Solutions

hotel SaaS solutions use cases and applications

While dealing with vast amounts of data, the travel, leisure, and hospitality sectors have diverse operations. Each might pose specific challenges and room for improvements that can be addressed with the cloud, from hotel management SaaS platforms to booking solutions.

Centralized Booking and Occupancy Management

Today, businesses run on centralized hotel SaaS applications to simplify the booking process for the guests and make it more transparent for hoteliers. Booking systems integrate with various online travel agencies (OTAs) and the hotel’s website, giving immediate insights into guest occupancy.

Powered by big-data algorithms, such solutions allow real-time updates on room availability and booking status across all platforms. This way, you can reduce double-booking issues and manual data entry errors.

CRM for Personalized Guest Experience

To enhance guest satisfaction, hotels and travel agencies develop CRM systems that track guest preferences, special requests, and past interactions. Customer management software, along with hospitality chatbots and booking engines, gathers unique data that will soon transform into personalized services.

This lets hotel owners provide guests with preferred room settings, special setups, or customized activity recommendations.

Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management

Dynamic pricing is one of the most handy features one can come across when browsing hospitality SaaS companies. Integrated into your revenue management system, this functionality helps maintain competitive pricing and get the most out of seasonal revenue.

Pricing analytics tools examine market trends, competitor pricing, and historical data to adjust room rates in real time.

Housekeeping Management

Housekeeping operations require constant human involvement, making this task the most time-consuming. This is where SaaS for hotels comes in, automating and prioritizing housekeeping assignments based on live room status updates.

Housekeepers receive notifications on their mobile devices for room cleaning schedules, special requests, and maintenance tasks, ensuring timely service.

Integrated Travel Itinerary Planning

Travel agencies employ itinerary planning tools that aggregate data from various sources, including flight schedules, hotel bookings, car rentals, and local attractions.

The tool integrates with hospitality SaaS platforms and generates personalized travel offers that can be accessed via a mobile app or other medium. It provides travelers with detailed schedules, maps, and recommendations.

Property and Procurement Management

Large chains and resorts that require regular and thorough maintenance of their supplies and inventory invest in property management systems. Such SaaS hospitality tools track stock levels of linens, toiletries, food supplies, and other essentials. The system can automate purchase orders when inventory reaches a threshold and integrate with suppliers. By providing immediate inventory reports, hoteliers can reduce waste, improve procurement, and ensure consistent supply availability.

Guest Feedback and Reputation Management

In a world where online reputation and guest feedback can make or break revenue, it’s essential to have a mechanism to solve guest inconveniences.

You can implement a feedback management system that collects and analyzes guest reviews from multiple online platforms. The system alerts hotel management to new reviews and provides prompt response tools. It also generates reports on common issues and areas for improvement.

Key Benefits of SaaS for Hospitality

hotel management SaaS benefits for businesses

Custom SaaS hospitality solutions offer significant advantages by meeting a business’s specific needs and streamlining financial operations. With tailored functionality, your company can set up comprehensive processes that work cohesively, forming a unified, automated system.

While you can always move toward ready-made software — because it is cheaper and faster to deploy — you will need to adjust to its limited functionality. Here’s a detailed comparison:

FeatureCustomOff-the-shelf Software
FunctionalityTailored to specific business needsGeneral functionalities
ScalabilityEasily scalable up or downLimited
IntegrationConnects with existing systems seamlesslyComplex and costly
Cost-efficiencyHigher initial cost, lower long-term costLower initial cost, higher long-term cost
Support and maintenanceDedicated supportStandardized support
SecurityMore widely used; susceptible to targeted attacksReduced exposure to risks due to tailored choice of security protocols

Now, let’s explore the most tangible benefits businesses can experience with custom travel and hospitality SaaS solutions.

Optimized Operations

SaaS models, like global distribution and hotel management systems, drastically improve booking processes without requiring hotels to share sensitive data. This innovation allows agents to book a traveler’s entire experience — from hotels and airfares to road transport and tours — more smoothly.

Hotel channel managers are becoming increasingly effective, giving hospitality businesses greater access to clients worldwide and vice versa. At the same time, they help cover a wider range of activities in a shorter period of time, boosting productivity.

Scalability and Flexibility

hospitality SaaS examples and business advantages

Implementing SaaS for hotels and travel operations enables businesses to scale their offerings based on demand. As the business landscape changes and your core focus shifts or widens, the cloud ensures that resources are efficiently managed.

Cloud architecture’s flexibility allows you to accommodate peak seasons or expansion without significant additional expenses, thus making you more competitive.

Improved Customer Retention

Reducing customer churn is essential for all industries. SaaS hospitality tools now help the industry analyze churn data and take action, identifying when and why customers leave.

This data-driven approach transforms retention efforts, making churn analysis invaluable for improving customer experience and boosting repeat bookings.

Full Control over Bookings

hospitality SaaS solutions and their advantages

SaaS solutions connect to other cloud systems through travel API to provide real-time control and visibility over bookings. With such features and integrations, companies reduce the risk of overbooking and improve inventory management.

As a result, this centralized control enhances efficiency and provides guests with a smooth booking experience.

Process Automation

Implementing SaaS for hospitality industry operations enables the automation of repetitive tasks such as booking confirmations, payment processing, and guest communications. It consequently reduces manual errors and frees up staff to focus on delivering unique, tailored guest experiences rather than administrative tasks.

It also streamlines workflows across departments, leading to faster response times and optimized overall service delivery.

Data Security & Compliance

As hotels deal with sensitive, private data, they are especially vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks. For that reason, you should seek reputable and certified hospitality SaaS companies that will equip your product with robust security measures.

To mitigate these risks, they implement robust encryption, access controls, and authentication mechanisms to safeguard sensitive information. Compliance with industry regulations like ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS ensures they meet security standards, building client trust and credibility

Custom SaaS Hospitality Software Development with Acropolium

Keeping a strong focus on data security and adhering to industry regulations, Acropolium has delivered over 45 solutions to hospitality businesses of any size. As an ISO-certified player crafting GDPR-compliant solutions, we ensure impeccable service quality, which results in clients’ success.

Hotel Management SaaS System

hotel SaaS applications by Acropolium

Our partner asked to integrate hotel software systems for property management and booking tools into their initial hotel management platform. A key objective was to incorporate integration features specifically for hotel reservation software platforms while also connecting hotel networks with booking systems.


Based on a thorough analysis of client needs, industry trends, and technical possibilities, Acropolium developed a sophisticated e-commerce platform with advanced SaaS hospitality features:

  • A real-time messaging system that ensures smooth and prompt communication between hotels and travelers.
  • Room customization features allow guests to tailor their stays based on their preferences.
  • Billing & payment integration with payment for a more straightforward guest payment process and improved hotel revenue management. Booking and reservation management features to automate bookings and reduce human error.
  • Check-in & check-out automation to reduce wait times and improve efficiency.


  • We helped the client integrate 12 large and medium hotel networks.
  • The client boosted booking platform integrations by 82%.
  • The customer base expanded by 9.7%.
  • Annual recurring revenue grew by 14.5%.

Property Management System

hotel SaaS solution case studies by Acropolium

A UK property rental business approached Acropolium for a tailored property management system to streamline operational efficiency. The client used basic online CRM and Airbnb for apartment management but faced growth obstacles due to administrative burdens.


We followed the Scrum methodology, engaging clients in every phase with two-week sprints for continuous feedback and refinement, which resulted in the following:

  • Our team developed a hotel management dashboard for efficient task management across properties.
  • Integrating with various booking channels, we provided real-time updates on room availability.
  • We also included an online booking engine synced with Airbnb and to enhance property visibility.
  • Revenue management features allowed dynamic pricing with machine learning or manual pricing rules.
  • Integration with Stripe and Pipedrive enabled seamless payment processing and booking management.


  • The PMS boosted our client’s operational efficiency by 37%.
  • The client cut administrative costs by 40%.
  • The booking rates increased by 30%.

Final Thoughts

Embracing hospitality SaaS is a strategic imperative to becoming a decent player in a highly-competitive realm of customer satisfaction. SaaS platforms streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and drive revenue growth.

At Acropolium, we specialize in delivering tailored SaaS solutions that meet the unique demands of hospitality businesses. Our subscription-based cooperation model covers everything from property management to booking systems, ensuring secure and efficient software development.

Besides software development, we offer consulting services to help you estimate the project, break down SaaS application costs, and more.

Contact us to reimagine your hospitality operations with cutting-edge technology!

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