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Hotel Management System Development for a Hospitality Technology Provider


  • Custom Software Development
  • Platform Development
  • Backend
  • Frontend
  • Booking Systems
  • Document generation
  • Reporting
  • Payment Systems

Taking e-commerce in the hospitality industry to the next level while extending integration capabilities of hotel operations software. Acropolium empowers hotel owners with cutting-edge technologies, regardless of their hotel management system complexity and digitization.


A hotel management solution provider with big ambitions

  • image United Kingdom
  • image 50-200 employees

The client's primary goal was to strengthen their hotel management software development strategy. The product is positioned as an advanced hotel B2B platform, allowing modern hoteliers to digitize their hotel management strategy cost-effectively.

Hotel management system development for hospitality industry

request background

On the lookout for a hotel-industry software development provider to enhance the integration capabilities of the existing tech solution for hotel owners

The client set an ambitious goal to make the best hotel management software more accessible to modern hoteliers. To improve their solution, the tech product provider was looking for a company specializing in custom software development for the travel industry. The product had severe integration issues, preventing the client from scaling their offering.

The request to Acropolium as a provider of travel software development services included the following:

1. Integration of hotel software systems, often referred to as property management systems (PMS), into the client’s platform.

2. Implementing integration features for hotel reservation software platforms.

3. Incorporation of a B2B module to accompany the connected hotel networks and online booking systems.

As a seasoned hospitality management software development service provider, Acropolium has an impressive reputation in the hospitality market. We have developed 40+ hotel chain management solutions, becoming a hotel property management system development expert.

With 12+ years of experience building web-based products for hotel businesses, we have become a trusted partner in delegating hotel web platform development. Besides crafting IT solutions for hospitality from scratch, we also refine already established solutions.


Building a hotel management system software development strategy to address data transit challenges

The client required a strategy for developing a hotel management software system. To streamline and digitize the primary tasks, the platform needed advanced data processing features.

During the hotel software solution development, one of our challenges was to ensure seamless and secure processing of large data volumes. At the same time, the client’s hotel management solution had to integrate with booking platforms and internal hotel software systems, displaying data in real-time.


  1. Ensure integration of the client’s existing hotel software systems with additional communication channels.
  2. Connect the client’s system with the chosen booking platforms with automatic reservation data entry.
  3. Develop a cloud-based PMS with two-way real-time data exchange (for platform users without internal hotel software solutions).
  4. Make the client’s e-commerce software platform accessible in different countries.
A case study of hotel management software development


A fruitful cooperation resulted in a product that allowed hotel owners to enjoy the advantages of a hotel management system provided by the client

  • image NodeJS, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm, Aurora (MySQL), Cassandra, Vue.js, TypeScript, AWS services
  • image 4 years
  • image 6 specialists

We comprehensively analyzed the client's requirements, industry trends, and technological possibilities. The result was a robust e-commerce platform encompassing many features:

Booking and Reservation Management: The platform facilitates seamless online bookings and reservations, minimizing manual tasks and reducing booking errors.

Guest Communication: A real-time messaging system allows hotels to communicate directly with guests, promptly addressing their queries and requests.

Room Customization: Guests can personalize their stays by selecting room preferences and amenities through the platform, ensuring a personalized experience.

Check-in and Check-out Automation: The platform enables guests to complete check-in and check-out procedures digitally, reducing wait times and enhancing efficiency.

Billing and Payment Integration: Integrated payment gateways simplify the payment process for guests while streamlining revenue management for hotels.

Inventory Management: The platform assisted hotels in managing all the modules of hotel management system projects, from inventory of rooms to services and amenities.

Analytics and Reporting: Robust data analytics provided insights into guest preferences and operational performance, aiding informed decision-making.

As a travel and hospitality software development company, here’s what we implemented for the web-based hotel platform development project:

Hotel management solution development for a hospitality tech provider
  • Several interface versions for integration of different data sources
  • Mapping and combining data of different formats from these sources, ensuring effortless and consistent data analysis for the client.
  • Better data management across the platform through centralized data collection and processing.
  • A single integration standard allowing the client’s customers to integrate their software and tools with the e-commerce solution.
  • Data processing customization features available within the hotel management platform.
  • As a result, the client received a comprehensive solution that is easy to integrate into the existing software of its users.


A new page of e-commerce in the hotel industry: a widely applicable solution

  • Thanks to the connectors built for this hotel software system development project, 12 large and medium hotel networks can now easily connect to the system.
  • The number of integrations with booking platforms increased by 82%
  • The customer base increased by 9.7%
  • Annual recurring revenue grew by 14.5,%
B2B hotel software system development services

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