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Food to Go Order App Development


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Food to Go Order App Development



  • image Czech Republic
  • image 100+ employees

Internal R&D project - Garson (


No competitors

Back in 2013, having done market research, we came to the conclusion that there were no apps for pre-ordering food to go. Our goal was to develop a multi-platform food ordering takeout app product that would allow clients to connect with restaurants in advance and waste no time waiting for food. We were also testing a fresh technology, React Native, and wanted to ensure we understood it from A to Z.


  1. Create a multi-platform food ordering takeout app that would allow clients to connect with restaurants in a mobile app
  2. Test a new technology


Simplifying client’s lives

  • image React Native, PHP, Laravel, MariaDB
  • image 1+ years
  • image 5 specialists

Right now we have two food-to-go ordering mobile apps. The first one is the client’s cross-platform mobile app, based on React Native. Anyone can order food or products from their favorite places when convenient. The app runs on both Android and iOS platforms. The second application is built on the Ionic framework platform for cafes. It can receive and check new orders, send push-notifications about the order’s status, provide individual client statistics and general data about all the orders made through the system.


Waiting times reduced by 90 percent

    • 30% increase in profit without paying any commission
    • 55% new customers increased
    • 40% reduced personnel costs

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