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Hotel Chain Management Software & App Development


  • Multi-platform development
  • Audit
  • Cloud solutions

Hotel Chain Management Software & App Development


Premier Hotels and Resorts

  • image Ukraine
  • image 300+ employees

Leading Ukrainian hotel chain

request background

Scale the software

The company wanted to find a reliable technology partner to optimize the current hotel management single-server based application into a scalable cloud-based hotel chain management software solution and enhance customer loyalty.


From one tenant to multi-tenancy

The initial hotel channel management solution was supporting only a single tenant, and we were to establish support for multi-tenancy. Moreover, the client had legacy system functionality, which had to be implemented in a new solution.


  1. Development of a custom hotel management solution
  2. Optimization of data processing
  3. App scalability


Our optimization journey

  • image PHP, Laravel, Node.JS, React.JS, React Native
  • image 5+ years
  • image 7 specialists

We developed a custom hotel chain management software solution based on a legacy app, moved it to the cloud and made it scalable. We also optimized the load speed for critical pages and data processing and improved the speed of availability and rates calculation. Promos, special offers and loyalty programs were implemented, they could be used anywhere within the hotel network for 'in room' facilities. Moreover, we developed a hotel chain management mobile application both for iOS and Android.


Brand new solution of a legacy app

    • 30% Increase in annual profit
    • 40% Cost reduction
    • 100% Optimization of working systems

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