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Building a Hospitality Property Management System to Boost Operational Efficiency


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This case study talks about how we developed hotel property management system (PMS) software to help a property rental business improve its operational efficiency and scalability. A newly developed solution simplified booking for customers and made it easy for property managers to stay on top of their tasks.


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  • image United Kingdom
  • image 11-50 employees

A UK-based property rental business that owns and manages several apartments in London and a few hotels outside the city

Hotel property management system development

request background

The need for a specialized property management system for the hospitality industry instead of an older customer relationship management (CRM) and booking systems that limited the client’s operational efficiency and scalability capabilities

The business was relying on Pipedrive (online CRM software) and Airbnb to manage a slew of apartments. They found the solutions largely sufficient until they added hotels to their portfolio. With their expansion, operational activities occupied so much of their time and effort that they had very little time left to focus on further scaling their business. At a certain point, it became clear: with their growing needs, off-the-shelf hotel property management systems just wouldn’t cut it anymore.

They came to us for a solution. The company wanted custom property management system (PMS) software that a business operating in the hotel industry could use to manage all aspects of their properties. This includes maintenance, pricing, reservations, payment collection, and reporting. All of these functionalities needed to sync with booking channels like Airbnb and They also had to integrate with Pipedrive so that the CRM software could continue to handle the sales pipeline and financial reporting.

At Acropolium, we have extensive experience creating systems to meet companies’ unique needs. We had no problem accepting the challenge of developing a hotel PMS software solution.


Vague requirements for communication between the client’s hotel PMS and Pipedrive

Our main challenge centered around integrating the hospitality PMS with Pipedrive. We needed more clarity on how these two systems should interact.

While it may have been our first time working with the Pipedrive system, we’re not new to the process of consulting with clients to arrive at a clear explanation of what they expect from a new solution. Through a series of meetings, we gained clarity on the project requirements and could get down to the technicalities of turning them into reality.


  1. Create a user-friendly platform for property managers to efficiently manage their properties and tenants
  2. Create a customer-facing website with booking capabilities
  3. Automate the booking process and update the occupancy calendar in real-time to ensure accurate information about the availability of rooms
  4. Integrate the hotel software system with Pipedrive to keep the sales data consistent for reporting
  5. Reduce the number of Pipedrive licenses needed without compromising the flow of business operations


Cloud-based hotel property management software that makes business operations more efficient and paves the way for continued growth

  • image Node.js, React.JS, AWS
  • image 4 months
  • image 4 specialists

The hospitality software development process was straightforward. We worked closely with the client to determine the hotel PMS features that would best streamline their business operations. They had no technology preferences, so we relied on our own tried-and-true solutions stack.

Subscribing to the scrum methodology, we adopted an iterative process that looped the client in at every stage. That is, we worked in two-week sprints so we could constantly release deliverables, gain feedback and input from our client, and improve the solution at every stage of development.

A hotel PMS system case study
  • We created a dashboard that lets property managers create, assign, and organize tasks for properties and rooms.
  • The hotel software includes a reservations management solution that integrates with all booking channels and provides up-to-date inventory information. Property managers can easily check which rooms are taken and on what dates they’re reserved.
  • We also created an online booking engine for customers to complete reservations. It synchronizes with the reservations management system to ensure that information on room availability is always accurate.
  • To ensure our client can capture all revenue streams, we synced the property management software for hotels with booking channels like Airbnb and This increases the visibility of their properties.
  • The PMS for hotels has a revenue management solution. Managers can choose to set pricing rules manually (based on the date or time of booking) or opt for dynamic pricing by letting the machine learning technology automate the process.
  • We integrated the hospitality property management software with Stripe so our client can easily accept popular global payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, bank redirects, and vouchers.
  • We added built-in reporting functionalities that give the client insights to guide their decision-making processes and help them take their property rental business to the next level. The hospitality property management system tracks large volumes of data, ranging from occupancy rates to price volatility.
  • A hotel property management system we built for this client seamlessly integrates with Pipedrive. This hotel PMS solution creates entities on Pipedrive with every booking and updates them as needed.


Greater operational efficiency and profitability by the numbers

  • With our newly created property management system for hotels streamlining many of our client’s workflows, we improved the company’s operational efficiency by 37%.
  • The greater operational efficiency, in turn, reduced administrative costs by 40%.
  • Tools like the built-in booking engine and reservation management solution increased booking rates by 30%.
Hospitality property management software development

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