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Dedicated Development Team for a Social Media Monitoring Platform

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Dedicated Development Team for a Social Media Monitoring Platform


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  • image United Arab Emirates
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The leading Arabic social media monitoring platform

request background

From development to consulting

We were initially to build a team of back-end developers to work with an in-house team. However, later, we were not only developing the social media monitoring platform, but also consulting on new features and suggesting the best options.


Multicultural team

The client lacked a proper project management and smooth-running social media monitoring platform development process. Moreover, it was quite hard to find experts of specific experience in the client’s location; that’s why the whole in-house team was located in several different countries.


  1. Development of a tool
  2. New features addition
  3. Time to market reduction


Our development journey

  • image NodeJS, VueJS, AWS
  • image 1+ years
  • image 4 specialists

Firstly, we found out the project requirements and business goals. Based on that, we selected the appropriate specialists and built a needed dedicated team. We also set up project management according to Scrum methodology, accelerated the process of entering the market, adapted solutions for multi-language experience, and developed new features for social media monitoring software.


Goals surpassed

  • Time to market reduced by 32 percent
  • Increase in client flow of 27 percent
  • Recruiting costs reduced by 48 percent

Have a business idea?

Feel free to contact us and get a free social media development consultation session.

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