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Wellness Social Media App Development

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  • Cloud solutions
  • DevOps

Wellness social media mobile app for both Android and iOS for those who want to stay healthy, up-to-date and relaxed by getting the best content from the media world.


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  • Germany

A start-up that promotes a healthy lifestyle

request background

Stress-less app

Client wanted to develop a wellness mobile cross-platform social network app that would discard all possible stressful experiences.


Technical debt

We were not the first ones our client turned to. Previous vendors left the wellness social media mobile app with a big technical debt on the back-end side, low quality code and a complete absence of product documentation.

  1. Conduct a deep audit
  2. Eliminate the previous vendor’s mistakes
  3. Optimize architecture and code

Unifying with the client

  • React Native, Google Firebase, Node.js
  • 1+ years
  • 4 specialists

We built a dedicated team of needed experts that was working as a united organism with a start-up. A deep audit of the existing system was conducted to eliminate the technical debt. Having done that, we suggested several options that could optimize architecture and code, and built a wellness social media mobile from scratch. Due to the short deadline, we offered a cross-platform app based on React Native and successfully met the deadlines.


From rags to riches

  • Met the extremely tight deadlines
  • Reduction of the costs on software engineering of 40 percent
  • Cut the costs of mobile development by 50 percent

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