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Building Construction Project Management App Development

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Building Construction Project Management App Development


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  • image Canada
  • image 50+ employees

Our customer is a leading construction company that provides building services for corporate and living buildings.

request background

Lack of an expertise

Before turning to us, the client had many manual processes on management staff, building groups and supervision processes. They already had some software developments, still, they lacked strong expertise to deliver the complete solution. The main goal idea was in creating a web solution on the framework peculiar with customizations depending on the domain of the application.


Lost in IT

Lack of own IT resources. They could not find a trusted vendor to develop the system further and complete the project.


  1. Optimization of existing developments
  2. Automation of the manual processes
  3. Support of existing solution and new features implementation


One vendor - two solutions

  • image PHP, Angular.js, AWS
  • image 3 years
  • image 10+ specialists

The solution covers many different use cases within vendor-client relations during building projects. The main concept of the solution is a platform where the constructors would place a project of the new building, perform vendor assessment and assign responsibility for particular jobs of the main project. They would also place, and organize commercial tenders and procurements, track project timeline (in particular through Gantt chart).

Another solution is a very similar solution to the first one except that it works for commercial construction. The idea is that on the initiation stage of a new commercial building (e.g. shopping mall), franchisors or owners could plan their shops or retail spaces according to their needs, reserve spaces, etc.


Optimization like never before

  • Optimization of existing developments that allowed client to have a clear vision and roadmap of the completed system
  • Web based project management solution
  • Completed the system to pre-production version within one year
  • 67% automation of project management
  • 40% saved up of costs for administrative personnel
  • 50% Automation of the manual processes

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