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This case study details a software development project to develop a construction equipment tracking application for a company that leases heavy equipment to local businesses. The project involved enhancing the client's website, implementing chatbots for improved communication channels, and customizing a CRM system features to align with the client's requirements.


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A leasing company operating independently that supplies heavy construction equipment to more than one hundred local businesses.

construction asset management software

request background

Lack of centralization in construction asset management system and customer service software

The client's request identified two major concerns. The first challenge was related to the upkeep of numerous equipment units, each containing parts that undergo wear and tear. The company had to ensure that all equipment received regular maintenance, with records kept of the maintenance work done, and that each unit was in pristine condition, in line with the description on the website. The second challenge involved enhancing efficiency in handling requests from multiple customers, managing equipment rentals, monitoring the lease status, and, payment of invoices.

The solution the client was looking for was a custom inventory management software for the construction industry that combined the features of a construction asset management solution and a CRM system. Additionally, the client wished to expand its current sales system on two social network channels (Facebook and WhatsApp) and also upgrade their website.

Acropolium, as a software development provider with expertise in building construction equipment management software, accepted the challenge.


Limited clarity on requirements for building construction equipment maintenance software

As the client had no previous experience with software development, the team had to pay extra attention to aligning the expectations of the client with the outcome that could be achieved with such a construction equipment asset management software solution within the available time and budget constraints.

Given our long experience in developing successful software outcomes we put effort into coaching the client and carefully explaining each step. This meant additional technical consultations with the client to match the company’s vision, needs, and budget, and the actual technical capabilities of the systems.

We were able to educate the client's team, instill best practices of construction software development, and, create the best construction inventory management software for its needs.


  1. Reducing duplication & confusion by creating a master database of rentable equipment
  2. Improve the condition of equipment by adding controls and checks within the software
  3. Expanding the market reach of sales adding two new social networking channels, Facebook and WhatsApp supported by chatbots
  4. Redesigning the website to provide customers with the necessary information and an easily accessed application form
  5. Increasing monthly deals by 40% by using CRM and heavy equipment tracking software
  6. Reducing sales cycle by 30% by automating and optimizing the sales funnel


Custom inventory management software for construction company

  • image Node.js, React.JS, AWS, Docker
  • image 5 months
  • image 3 specialists

After clarifying project requirements for the construction asset tracking software, we approved several development phases — building an MVP plus two additional milestones. The first milestone allowed us to make needed project scope corrections in the early stages, and the second to speed up user (employee) onboarding.

The application was successfully deployed to Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure enabling the rapid development of a deployed construction asset tracking software Minimum Viable Product (MVP). An MVP is commonly used to deliver value to customers in the fastest possible time and prepare for future scaling. Modifications to the construction inventory management software were also possible and less impactful due the reduced scope of the MVP. We also standardized and migrated all the data from Excel spreadsheets to the new database.

At the conclusion of this construction inventory management app development project, we accomplished the following:

  • We created asset tracking software for the construction, enabling managers to access equipment information such as technical specifications, lease status, lease history, wear and tear levels, among others.
  • Our heavy equipment tracking software solution was integrated with a calendar, providing a visualization of the equipment maintenance schedule for efficient flagging of inspection and repair dates.
  • Customized notifications were implemented to remind employees to send equipment for regular tech check-ups based on its maintenance schedule.
  • We also introduced heavy equipment maintenance software features to control wear and tear levels, sending notifications to managers when critical maintenance was required.
  • Advanced reporting features, including deal type and number, monthly turnover, and maintenance costs, were added.
  • In addition, we integrated Facebook and WhatsApp as communication channels and developed chatbots to enhance their functionality.
  • We updated the company's website and added a customer personal account with tracking capabilities for rental status, invoices, and support team interactions history.
  • To further enhance the system, we implemented a CRM module with automated data collection, email sending, and reporting, which was integrated into the heavy equipment management software.


Digital transformation from Excel spreadsheets to a highly efficient construction asset management platform with CRM features

  • We optimized and semi-automated the leasing services of the company by centralizing the construction equipment tracking software, CRM system, website, and two additional communication channels.
  • The introduction of the equipment maintenance schedule and reminders resulted in a decrease in equipment downtime and a 47% increase in the number of monthly deals.
  • We enhanced sales cycle management through automated data collection, application management, reporting, and other CRM system capabilities, leading to a 33% reduction in the deal cycle.
  • The upgraded website provided clients' customers with easier access to information about their leasing activities. The improved quality of service and optimized sales funnel helped increase the client's conversion rate by 25%.
  • We also extended the number of communication channels and introduced chatbots, which helped the client's company increase its customer base by 15%.
construction equipment maintenance software

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