GDPR-compliant software development services by Acropolium

Through years of prioritizing security and compliance, Acropolium is thrilled to be recognized for our GDPR-compliant software development services! This year, TechBehemoths, renowned for connecting businesses with professional IT teams, ranked us as a top GDPR and HIPAA-compliant software provider.

These prestigious accolades are a testament to the trust and partnership of our valued clients worldwide, who continue to reach out to us for secure solutions.

The platform conducted meticulous research to identify capable and reliable vendors, considering factors such as:

  • Adherence to GDPR standards
  • Portfolio featuring ISO-compliant solutions
  • Expertise and reputation
  • Service focus, team size, and location

This recognition inspires us to preserve our focus on quality web and app development services that contribute to better risk management in our clients’ businesses.

Now, we’re excited to showcase some of our past awards and client testimonials that have played a pivotal role in this milestone.

About TechBehemoths

TechBehemoths stands out as a premier platform streamlining the interaction between businesses and IT service providers. Its extensive array of IT services offers invaluable insights into the reputation and capabilities of tech companies, facilitating informed collaboration decisions worldwide.

Boasting a wide-reaching presence and diverse service portfolio, the platform serves a significant user base, assisting businesses in discovering top-notch mobile and web developers.

Our Recent Awards & Related Reviews

As we’ve been operating with ISO-certified processes for years, we have also been mentioned by many prominent IT reviewing platforms. This list includes, yet is not limited to Clutch, The Manifest, Visual Objects, and GoodFirms, who analyzed our services from B2B and software development perspectives.

Recently, we earned a coveted global position in Clutch’s esteemed top 1000 rankings for our client-focused methodology in service delivery. Such achievements are nothing but the result of successful cooperation, where our clients do not hesitate to share their feedback:

Acropolium recognized as a top HIPAA-compliant software provider

Software Development & IT Consulting

Acknowledged by both TechBehemoths and Clutch for our approach to software development and IT consulting, we were honored as a top IT consulting firm in 2024. Furthermore, our expertise in AI development propelled us to be recognized as a premier AI software provider in Ukraine.

Speaking of our core service focus, our company has recently been included in the lists of top software development companies by The Manifest and Visual Objects. Since we cover a wide range of development services, Acropolium has also received an honorable mention from GoodFirms as a leading app developer in the Czech Republic.

And here’s what our clients have to say about our app and web development services:

Acropolium listed as a GDPR-compliant software development company

Tailored B2B Solutions

Acropolium has been catering to key industries, from logistics and fintech to hospitality and healthcare. Thus, back in 2021, we were named a top B2B service provider in the Czech Republic.

Having worked closely with businesses from the medical field as a HIPAA-compliant software provider, we gained a prestigious place on the Clutch’s list of top healthcare service companies in Ukraine.

And in 2024, Clutch yet again highlighted our role in , along with TechBehemoths and The Manifest.

We are happy to see our clients and partners share positive reviews that reflect our commitment:

Acropolium highlighted as a top HIPAA-compliant software provider

Our portfolio features numerous success cases, where medical businesses see measurable results by requesting software development services from us.

a GDPR-compliant software development company's case study

When working on EMR software, we implemented blockchain blockchain for smart contracts while prioritizing HIPAA compliance.

After this cooperation, the client saw improved interoperability, which enabled seamless integration with their healthcare systems and contributed to efficient workflows.

Another case where we were approached as a HIPAA-compliant software provider centered around SaaS-based development of a scheduling software. Our dedicated team consulted the client on appropriate tech stack and delivered a comprehensive solution that decreased patient no-show rate by 30%.

Additionally, the well-crafted functionality attracted patients to book appointments using the software, leading to a 40% increase in users accessing their records online.

Commitment & Dedication

At Acropolium, we do not just position ourselves as a GDPR-compliant software development company. We strive to become a trusted partner where the focus on clients’ compliance translates into their success.

Committed to perpetual enhancement, our teams strive to provide technology-driven solutions that empower our clients. Through our relentless pursuit of internal progress, we develop sophisticated ISO-compliant software solutions that boost client efficiency and cost savings.

Every project entrusted to us bolsters our standing, and we extend profound gratitude to our partners for their trust and collaborative growth!