Acropolium stands among clutch top 1000 global service providers.

We are incredibly proud to be presented with a place among Clutch top 1000 global service providers. In the annual selection, Clutch, the premier platform for B2B service providers, unveiled its compilation of the top 1000 businesses.

This honorable acknowledgment underscores our dedication to providing bespoke solutions to businesses globally. Our recognition as a top IT service provider highlights Acropolium’s commitment to excellence and innovation in digital solutions.

How Clutch Selects Global Service Providers

Acropolium secured a position among Clutch top global service providers through verified client reviews and adeptly addressing business challenges using technological solutions over the past six months.

The award for 2023 is bestowed upon the top 1000 companies out of 280,000 on the platform worldwide. Clutch analyzes the performance of the chosen vendors based on the following criteria:

  • Volume, quality, and recentness of confirmed Clutch reviews
  • Range and depth of client base and portfolio of projects
  • Company profile highlighting competitive specialties and substantial experience
  • Brand presence and acknowledgment within the industry

Acropolium has provided over 450 solutions to 148+ clients and partners whose trust has strengthened our IT outsourcing market positions. Therefore, this award is owed to our invaluable partners, who depend on us to transform their challenges into solutions for business growth.

About Clutch

Clutch is the foremost global marketplace for B2B service providers, enabling enhanced business decision-making. Over 1 million business leaders rely on Clutch monthly to access detailed client interviews. The platform aids its users in finding dependable agency partners catering to their project requirements.

Our Recent Awards & Related Case Studies

As a certified web development company following the ISO quality standards, our company’s expertise expands as our clients grow. Thanks to the testimonials from our loyal partners, Acropolium has been awarded in Clutch assessments.

For example, in 2021, Clutch collected our clients’ feedback and tagged us as the Czech Republic’s top B2B service provider. As our teams went on delivering top-notch solutions, the following year, they once again recognized our B2B services.

Before the recent Clutch Champion Fall 2023 evaluation, we were recognized for our impact on various industries.\


Throughout 12 years of service in this sector, we have cooperated with 45+ hospitality companies, including the industry’s top 3 businesses.

From property management systems and hotel management software to food delivery apps and restaurant chatbots, our dedicated teams strive for client-centered services. That’s how we gained another fantastic mention from Clutch — they named us a top IT service company in the hospitality industry.

Clutch global service providers — Acropolium's recognition

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Crafting bespoke solutions for the transportation sector for 9+ years, we also were named a prominent custom logistics software developer. We are grateful to our partners who have been growing their transportation businesses with us for over 9 years. Our teams’ dedication and strong relationships with 5+ logistics enterprises have contributed to such honorable recognition.

Acropolium wins the award Clutch top global service providers

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In the past several years, we have been entrusted with building complex enterprise platforms, car-dealer chatbots, and powertrain software. Thus, with the positive outcome shared by our clients, Clutch named us a top automotive software development company in Ukraine.


Acropolium has hit the list of Clutch top 1000 global service providers

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With 68 consulting projects and 23 solutions delivered, our MedTech expertise was mentioned as Ukraine’s leading healthcare IT service provider. Having developed numerous bioscience apps and telemedicine platforms, our teams attained a pool of partners with seven years of client loyalty.

Commitment and Dedication

The recently earned prestigious award holds immense significance for all of us, motivating us to evolve despite challenges.

Every achievement of our company stems from unwavering commitment and the extensive expertise of our teams. We express gratitude to each team member whose contributions enable our continual growth, fostering a culture of mutual inspiration to surpass boundaries!

From IT consulting to tailored software development, we offer a range of services with client unique requirements being a major priority. Whatever the request is, we aim to realize business objectives cost-efficiently.

Learn more about our services and don’t hesitate to contact us: we are here to revolutionize your business!