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An audit is similar to a complex examination of the body - sometimes the need for it arises when you feel discomfort. System analyses reveal the specific place and cause before offering recommendations for further actions. An unplanned study can identify and prevent further serious problems in other cases, but only a team of relevant experts can conduct an appropriate analysis.

Through years of developing complex solutions, we have gained significant experience that allows us to conduct comprehensive expert evaluations of projects and products.

01 . tasks

Independent expert evaluation of the IT project (audit)


Assessment of front-end functions

Assessing the functions and quality of the visible part of the project (front-end). Primary QA on front-end. The most initial examination of the `external` component of the project. Software testing.


Assessment of back-end functions

Verification of what is sent to the back-end (software and administrative part). Expert evaluation of the `internal` component of the project.


Checking the quality of elements and indoor units

Checking possible attacks and productivity. Detailed code review and verification of its compliance with standards. Check the interaction of blocks, `cleanliness` of the code, affecting the stability of the end product.


Testing under load

Testing for fault tolerance - both the system itself and its additional modules and services. Front-end and back-end fault-tolerance tests, DDoS attacks, hacking.


Finding weaknesses in project security

Creation of a report on the weak points of the product, including expert opinion on the scaling options and use in highly loaded environments, and recommendations for adding and editing blocks.


Recommendations of proven contractors and executors

Providing the contacts for specialized professionals, as well as assistance in determining the resources for the project - both internal and external. Comprehensive creation of a `road map` of necessary resources.

02 . process

The main stages of a comprehensive audit

a .

The problem and purpose of the audit

Before the process begins, we need to get a description of the problems and the desired results of the audit. We study the request and respond within 1-2 business days. If we can be useful to the project, it goes to the stage of primary discussion. We recommend partners in case of absence of specialized experience and qualifications.

b .

Primary discussion

An audio or video conference that lasts around an hour and, in the case of a complex and multitasking project, is free. At this stage, there are answers to questions, a request for source code, and project documentation. We are very careful with all the information that comes to our attention - from the very first letter, you can be assured of the project details' confidentiality.

c .

Primary audit

The start-up study of the system begins with the dividing the audit into blocks, check points, and the involvement of specialized engineers. Then follows the formation of the action plan, timing, involved resources, and audit cost. The cost of a full audit already includes a primary audit, however, we grant the right not to pay it in the case that a full system audit is refused.

d .

Detailed analysis

After that, the planned technical audit of the system occurs, which is conducted by our engineers or partners who have vast experience in specialized technologies. It includes the assessment of the code quality, assessment of the documentation quality, testing of the project under load (emulation of a large number of visitors), verification of the speed of the system and identification of problem modules in the system, analysis of data storage structures, and analysis of system scalability and flexibility. The list of works may differ, as it is compiled individually for each project.

e .


This is the last stage of the technical audit of the project, where a document is compiled with the detected vulnerabilities or verified system blocks. The document is compiled in an accessible and easy-to-understand format and contains approximate estimates of the time frame for correcting any vulnerabilities, as well as a budget based on our experience. This document can also be used in the future to make changes to the project.

f .


In addition, we control the introduction of changes to the audited product, the quality of these changes, and track their work in important parts of the system for possible performance deterioration. The cost of this stage is calculated individually.

03 . customers

Who are our technical audit customers?

a .

Customers who are concerned about the security of the project

b .

Customers who have existing projects, start-ups (both new and existing ones) that need to perform a quality audit

c .

Customers who are not satisfied with the current quality of the project - they need to `cure` the code, and our expert audit will provide the necessary prescription

04 . cost

The final cost of the audit is always different

05 . contacts

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