Professionalism through experience

IT consulting is a project-oriented activity that allows for independent professional assessment of the effectiveness of technology use. To achieve this goal, one must first select a contractor. When a contractor is chosen, the team has already been working on the project for some time. However, in the work process, there can be certain nuances that do not allow the established result to be achieved, which once again introduces the need to search for new players, talk about the project, and select the right technology.

Consulting involves high-level advice, quick analysis, and swift response to generate impeccable expertise. The best option is to seek consultation before the project is implemented - in this way, our engineers can immediately guide you the right direction, which helps you save your time, money, and nerves.

01 . tasks

Determination of the right direction for the development of the IT project (consulting)

a .

Writing DS

Drafting and writing a detailed performance specifications for the product.

b .

Consulting on the idea

Crash test of the existing idea, verification for authenticity and efficiency.

c .

Selection of technologies

Selection of a stack of technologies for the implementation of a particular idea or project.

d .

Estimation of terms and cost of the project

An approximate estimate of the timing, resources, cost of implementation, and project support.

e .

Assessment of submitted proposals

Assessment of project proposals from other contractors to evaluate cost, timing, technology selection, and relevance to the idea.

02 . process

The main stages of consulting

a .

Primary request review and analysis

Preparation of the initial project analysis and quick response, which is free for the company's customers. The results are sent in a letter.

b .

Selection of working group

If the project requires more detailed involvement, we designate a separate working group that deals with that particular project.

c .

Consultation with the customer

At this stage we compile the initial documentation for the assigned task, and determine the terms and stages of the project.

d .

Detailed project analysis

After all documentation has been coordinated, there is a detailed analysis - our team dives into the project, collects the necessary information, and conducts an examination.

e .

Creating a report

At the end, the client receives a detailed document, in which all aspects of the development of your IT project are described step-by-step.

03 . customers

Who are our IT consulting customers?

a .

Customers who are not related to the IT business

b .

Customers connected to IT business, but are not technical experts

c .

Any customers and companies facing the problems of lack of proper experience or knowledge

04 . cost

The cost of consulting varies depending on

We provide free primary consulting to regular customers. Furthermore, in order to approximate the prices, we give the price: the analysis of the offer is $500, the advice on the idea is $500, the development of detailed DS is from $1500.

However, each consulting case is unique and is discussed individually.
05 . contacts

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