Setting up a business

We provide services for the proper organization of outstaffing, and help establish the process of cooperation. Having vast experience in building businesses and projects, we can easily solve problems in the optimal organization of labor. Outstaffing allows you to significantly reduce the time and money spent while working with hired personnel. Figuratively speaking, we help you to put your own house together using our hands.

01 . tasks

Organization of the interaction process (outstaffing)


Team selection

We conduct interviews and select a team.


Office and workplace preparation

We set up the IT infrastructure, prepare the office and workplaces.


Process setup

We configure remote interaction and the development process.


Solving legal and financial issues

Our partners provide assistance in legal and financial matters.

02 . process

Stages of outstaffing

a .

Formulation of the problem

The client describes the problems and what he/she wants to receive at the end of the consulting process. The final result depends on the correct formulation of the primary task.

b .

Primary consultation

At the next stage, there is an initial consultation with lawyers and financiers - what are the pitfalls, the approximate costs.

c .

Commercial offer

We prepare a commercial proposal with various options and ranges for the budget.

d .

Contract and Initiation of work

We sign the contract, and one of the variants of the commercial proposal is implemented.

e .

Work organization

Preparation of equipment, furniture, and the whole office. We receive the full package of documents within the organization, and begin interviewing and recruitment.

03 . customers

Who are our outstaffing customers?

a .

Customers who are representatives of Western companies who understand that we have lower salaries and taxes, but also high-quality specialists

b .

Customers who have the ambition to build their own IT office

с .

Startups who need a competent organization and economy of resources

04 . cost

The cost depends on the task

Since business tasks are very specific and variable, we can prepare a detailed commercial proposal only after the task is set. The calculation depends on the volume, goals, and time frame.

05 . contacts

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