The right team creates the appropriate solutions

We firmly believe that the best development team is the local project team. We try not to actively develop existing projects because it is very difficult to remotely instill love for the project in the programmer. However, we can achieve significant success when we participate in the project from its very beginning. After all, the project is like a garden that grows right before your eyes. We have an understanding of how to grow it and what it should look like, as well as what tools are necessary for its prosperity, balance, and harmonious development. We have solutions.

01 . tasks

Competent selection of local project team (outsourcing)


Selection of the local team

We provide a local team that can understand the problem faster and more fully, including its possible nuances. This team is easier to control, because it allows you to achieve a more successful implementation of the project (in contrast to the remote team).


Outsourcing of existing teams

We offer outsourcing of existing teams that have worked for more than one year in the specialized services market. The advantage of such teams is obvious - the transfer of not an individual player, but of a whole team of cooperated experts who perform their work very thoroughly, efficiently, and quickly.


Pre-project team building

We form teams beforehand and let them work together for at least a year. The team then takes part in the full development of complex solutions, offering an excellent result due to the diverse horizons of its participants' technologies.


Staffing of the teams

It often turns out that the main cohesive team of 3-4 people needs to perform additional work that doesn't relate to the core work or architectural moments - testing, bugs, visual edits and so on. In order to ensure that the main team can work comfortably in such cases, it is necessary to expand it to up to 7-8 people. We organize this workflow smoothly and without loss in quality.

02 . process

The main stages of outsourcing

a .

Selection of the ready-made team

On the basis of the task and requirements, we select an experienced, cohesive team - there are no separate specialists assembled into one whole, but rather, a team that has worked together.

b .

Format of Interaction

We consider only the format of communication directly with the team - no intermediaries. The client communicates directly with the team lead.

c .

Team Load

In the process of working with the customer, the local team does not participate in other projects - it is completely committed to the project it is working on.

d .

Work resources of the team

The team has access to all knowledge bases, resources and achievements of our company.

e .

Format of work

The team performs work in the short term and promptly issues the finished final product.

03 . customers

Who are our outsourcing customers?

a .

Customers who do not need to open a whole department and want to hire a team

b .

Customers with interesting projects - we like complex and atypical tasks

c .

Customers who do not have a very interesting project, but do have great desire to implement it

04 . cost

The cost of teams varies

The cost of teams is based on resources and salary expectations, so different teams assume different costs. The cost depends on the specific project and is calculated individually, and the deadlines for implementation are also taken into account.

05 . contacts

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