From idea to software

Developing a comprehensive project from scratch is a complex and expansive task that requires specialized experience and extensive expertise. The implementation of complex and non-standard systems is possible only with a team of experts, and our engineers have many years of experience in developing integrated solutions. This allows us to establish a complete cycle of project development from the idea to the final product.

01 . tasks

A complete production cycle from the original idea to the final product (turnkey project)


Custom web solutions

Creation of sites and development of complex systems. We create a web-interface that works in any browser and on any device - computer, tablet, or smartphone. Such solutions require careful analysis, the search for the right answers, and the availability of professional engineers in the staff.


Highly loaded web projects and big data

Development of systems with a large volume of traffic, resource-intensive functionality, file system and storage load, and databases. We create social networks and other various projects with high load systems. We work with large volumes of databases and processing methods, including transactions, logs, purchases, and GPS.


Intranet projects

Creation of corporate networks, internal company portals, or any corporate solution. Such tasks can't always be built on a template solution, so our dedicated team develops only that which will best solve the task set before us.


Games for mobile devices and consoles

Development of indie-games – arcade, puzzle, and mini-games of middling complexity for smartphones and consoles. A vivid example of how we completely work through the project - after all, every game starts with an idea.


Mobile application development

Development of mobile applications in HTML-based, phonegap/cordova, hybrid appcelerator (titanium)/xamarin/react-native, native java/objective C. Applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone. Development of applications with augmented reality.


Design, polygraphy, identity, web design

Thoughtful design, including the creation of corporate identity, site layouts and printed products. Our UI / UX specialists are connected to the project at the design specification (DS) writing stage, which guarantees that the product is comfortable and understandable for the user.

02 . process

The main stages of developing an integrated product

a .

Integration and fine-tuning of the original idea

The client describes the idea/task/problem with words convenient to him/her. We do not provide a standardized brief for filling, but it never a problem for us to spend 30-60 minutes listening to the client in order to immediately offer quick tips, development options, solutions, or thoughts on improving the existing idea.

b .

Discussion of the development process, technology, timing and cost

At the initial stage we can describe an approximate development plan, timing, and cost. In the case that we compose a detailed technical description for the development, the percentage of error is significantly reduced, which allows us to avoid possible misunderstandings in the process of creating the product.

c .

Selection of tools and technologies

Based on our experience, we individually select a stack of technologies for each project. We believe that technology is a tool, and the tool should be ideally suited to the project. Technology that is chosen frequently affects both the final price of development and further support of the project.

d .

Building a plan and timing of development, team selection

Utilizing the document with the technical description of the project and the chosen stack of technologies, we can build a development plan, set release dates, and outline the range of specialists needed in the process of work with minimal error (up to 10-15%). First and foremost, we assess how our free resources developed over the years can help the project.

e .

Attraction and supervision of the work of additional specialized professionals

If the internal resources of the company are occupied or our teams do not have specific knowledge, we offer work with partners. The work process is transparent for the client and does not complicate communication, as we are fully responsible for the final result.

f .

Full testing of the product

Testing of the final product occurs in each development cycle (once every 1-3 weeks). It contains both external functional testing, as well as checking the working capacity of the product under load and profiling the main modules (checking `under the microscope`).

g .

Final documentation of the product

During each of the product development cycles, the client has full access to the source code, as well as instructions for installing the product for other developers. Therefore, at any time the client can provide the code for verification by third parties. If necessary (on request), we maintain complete documentation of the development plan, functions, and operating instructions.

03 . customers

Who are our customers for integrated development?

a .

Customers with an idea, but without technical knowledge, who need the help of specialists

b .

Customers looking for custom (non-standard) solutions that are not currently on the market

c .

Customers who want to transfer the creation and management of their project to experienced hands

04 . cost

We provide full information about cost

The budget framework depends on several parameters. First, on the choice of the technological base for the development of the project. Secondly, on the fact that different technologies require different costs. It is possible to select simple ready-made solutions with or without functional limitations (a similar option may increase the cost of the project).

The next parameter is a compromise between the desired and real needs of the eventual user. The cost is also affected by the team's composition, level, timing, and technological base.

After all of these parameters are discussed, a price is established.
05 . contacts

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