Broad the horizon of your business
Broad the horizon of your business

HoReCa Tech Solutions

Open up new possibilities for your business with solid HoReCa software solutions delivered by Acropolium. Get an exclusive comprehensive project from scratch with our specialized experience and extensive expertise.

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A decent solution provider

Having delivered numerous successful projects, Acropolium gained a wealth of experience that we are thrilled to share with you.

Custom software development

Custom software development

Acropolium’s team is pleased to deliver a full development cycle of your product. We will provide you with a custom HoReCa IT solution, using innovative tech tools, a wide array of programming languages, and complex frameworks. Joined together, your business idea and our development team will be a guarantee to your success.

Dedicated teams

Dedicated teams

Expand your inner development capabilities by collaborating with Acropolium’s dedicated team. Breathe in new ideas and tap into new tech expertise into your product. At Acropolium, we understand that each new project requires different skill sets and expertise. Therefore, we are always taking into consideration the final business needs and allocate the people with relevant experience.

Consulting and Audit

Consulting and Audit

We have an extensive background in consulting HoReCa companies and opening up their limitless potential. Let our experts tune your internal processes to the highest performance and unlock new market possibilities. Whether you are thinking about a brand new HoReCa software solution or opting for modernising a current one, we are here to help!


HoReCa IT solution spectrum

Acropolium is a leading provider of custom software solutions that keeps up with unstoppable growth and demands of the HoReCa industry.

  • POS Software

    Point of Sale software is used massively in the HoReCa industry. Provide fast and efficient sales shortening the order, calculation and delivery time. Get a 360-overview of your sales and inventory.

  • Booking systems

    Make your business go digital by integrating comprehensive booking and reservation systems. We know how to build a user-friendly and extremely easy to manage booking system with unique features.

  • Web and mobile multi-application networks

    Whether you have a hotel or restaurant chain, web or mobile multi-application network is something for you. There is no need to develop a unique separate platform for every single establishment anymore, just create a uniform single network and enjoy the results.

  • CRM / ERP systems

    Ease your warehouse accounting process, control expiration dates of products and manage the suppliers. Plan your purchases based on client attendance, analysis and implementation of reorganization internal service processes.

  • Delivery apps

    Offer your customers a secure contactless delivery of goods with multiple payment options for overwhelming delivery experience. Let your customers track their orders in real time on the map.

  • Management software solutions

    By carrying out professional analyses, Acropolium experts boost your processes, warehousing, transport, distribution and data flow. We are developing management software solutions that meet your specific business needs and decrease your costs to the minimum.

Acro*experience in horeca

Acropolium is glad to provide your business with the array of
solutions in the HoReCa industry.

GDS integration

GDS integration

We know how to build a customized solution that fully integrates your internal systems with traditional Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Let Acropolium create a solution that will allow your team stay completely focused on your business needs.

Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

Do check-ins from smartphones or tablets, provide direct booking options without commissions and bring the cost down by a significant percentage. This is only the small part of what actually cloud solutions can provide to your business.

Big data

Big data

Anticipate levels of demand for rooms or services and target your audience with the right offerings. Manage your revenue and multiple booking channels synchronization. Follow the current reservations on the system and other metrics.

Travel portals

Travel portals

We know how to develop a custom online-based travel portal, taking into consideration travel agency access and booking management systems. Let us create an easy-to-use solution for your customers and enjoy the fruitful outcomes.



There are not so many analytics solutions in the HoReCa for now, but it won’t be long until all HoReCa companies will use a predictive approach to forecast visitor traffic, inventory needs, and provide personalized content to perfectly meet end-users needs and requests.

Blockchain security

Blockchain security

Blockchain helps enterprises safely oversee their whole business and store information. Utilize it to reliably secure your transactions, data and internal processes across the globe in real-time.


We are proving our custom logistics software development services and focusing on long-term partnerships with clients from all over the globe, some of which include

  • Customs services
  • Independent software providers (ISP)
  • Logistics startups
  • Brokers
  • Mail services
  • Carriers
  • Fleet management companies
  • Delivery services
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