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Our customer base consists of emerging companies as well as well-known brands and personalities. For various reasons, we can not name many of them, so on this page we provide typical solutions for the tasks that we have performed.

If you require references or more detailed information, we can provide it only after the preliminary agreement and request. The list does not include consulting and audit projects.

For more information, send us an e-mail request: info@acropolium.com or fill in feedback form

01 . showcases

We have been working on some of the projects scrupulously

a .

Remote Calibration and Quality Control System

Quality that can be controlled!

Guided by this formula, we have developed a system for the remote calibration of various devices, mainly medical ones.

The system allows you to keep records of calibration and results of sessions, statistics, or analytics, check the quality of products, and issue a certificate.

The maximum set of functions for a scrupulous approach to quality.

b .

Software package for diagnostic clinics

The time in which going to the hospital means a lot of paperwork written in incomprehensible handwriting is coming to an end.

This is facilitated by products such as our developed software package, which allows you to keep a record of patients.

The software also offers the possibility of long-term reliable storage of data and doctors' conclusions.

No more thick notebooks, now everything is convenient and reliable!

c .

"Pocket Clinic" System

What if you are the owner of a small but specific business, such as a private clinic, but you don't have the time to always be in the same place?

That's right — create a convenient system for managing the clinic using a smartphone.

We have developed this system, which is ideal for small medical institutions.

d .

Emergency button

Very often in an emergency situation there is no time to figure out who to call — police, firefighters, ambulance...

Why not combine all of this into one universal "alarm button"?

That's exactly what we did in this application for smartphones, which allows you to report incidents, violations, or emergency situations to the dispatcher in real time.

e .

Takeaway food

Do you want to eat or order dishes or products from the place you love?

Do you want to make it faster and more convenient?

Now you can! Use our mobile application to pre-order food and products for a specific time with the possibility of self-transportation from a convenient point.

f .

Mobile advertising service server

Our clients submitted a non-standard request — to develop a server for high loads (millions of online visitors), including accounting, analytics, and billing.

No sooner said than done! We have developed a server with a network of banner advertising, as well as advertising for mobile applications.

g .

Closed system of legal support

Where else, if not in law, do people come across a lot of documents?

Some of them are formal or simple templates, meaning you can minimize the time spent on compiling them.

Bearing these goals in mind, we created a semi-automated system of legal customer support, the main function of which is drafting legal documents.

As it requires minimal human participation, it is greatly convenient.

h .

Social network for earnings of goods/services

Don't just sell, earn!

We have developed a system in which the user receives an internal currency for services or goods.

This currency can then be spent inside the network to get real discounts in restaurants and other institutions.

i .

The distribution system for TV and audio content for individuals with disabilities

The TV and audio content which most people have grown so used to over the years is still unattainable for many people on our planet.

In partnership with our customers, we have created a product that significantly facilitates access to TV and audio content for people with disabilities, allowing them to improve and simplify their lives.

j .

System for constructing static sites

Everyone can create sites.

But to create your own solution that will allow you to use premium-level hosting at a price cheaper than usual is not something everyone can do.

In addition, our solution is equipped with all kinds of protection from cyber attacks.

k .

Accounting and surveillance systems for nursing homes

Software and hardware systems for recording and monitoring elderly patients, as well as tracking their daily routine, meal times, and pills.

l .

Personnel search portal

The staff is the foundation of any company, both ours and those who use our solution for HR business.

Ours is a convenient and stable system for staff search by resume or attributes, equipped with a filter for different criteria.

m .

Video surveillance system

When security is not even a private matter.

Our team has developed a video surveillance system for protected areas, airports, and plants, through which it is possible to ensure the safety of citizens and employees.

n .

Online Flight Information Board for an airport

More and more people in the world are beginning to travel to different countries.

Accordingly, in the world there are increasing amounts of online resources to monitor flights.

The one that we developed includes accounting for occupancy, arrivals, delays, and flight times.

o .

Construction calculator

There is a sleep calculator, a calculator for calories, and a normal calculator.

We also developed a construction calculator — a set of systems for organizing the construction of various projects.

It includes an analysis of the construction stages, costs, time use, defects, and organization of tenders.

p .

Online edition for business

Our Ukrainian product is an online publication with business analytics and information for entrepreneurs.

Real, interesting, fresh, and relevant to our modern reality.

q .

Weather monitoring system

To be forewarned is to be armed, as the ancient saying goes.

Every morning begins with a weather forecast check, and our service allows you to track changes in weather conditions with the function of notifying users who may be affected by these changes.

r .

Exhibition management system

Exhibitions are very stressful events with their own constituent parts.

It’s possible to make life easier for those who deal with them with the help of our system.

A lot of exhibitions work on the basis of this system using the functions of: planning your calendar, meetings, or building a map of the premises and stands.

A unique website is created for each exhibition.

s .

Conference management system

Speed, convenience, volume — three words through which the essence of our system is revealed.

The system is designed for organizing conferences, selling tickets, and downloading information.

t .

Event management system

Events take place every day in different cities around the world, and they are becoming more and more diverse.

In response to one request, we created an event management system with the ability to create unique sites and record visitors.

u .

Site management system

The site is now a person, and an important selling point of the company.

It is important that the site should be modern and convenient. We developed a site management system with support for multisiting that is distinguished by the convenient programming of new modules (from 15 minutes) and speed even at high loads.

Developed for our customers since 2008.

v .

Treatment plan preparation system

New technologies are increasingly being introduced into various spheres of our lives.

For example, we developed a system for visualizing the treatment plan for a dentist.

Among the possibilities are the projections of the jaw, control of the teeth, adjustment of the pins, implants, seals, and so on.

w .

Service of organization of local events and parties

All of us have repeatedly subscribed to this or that event on social networks.

Sometimes such events are more interesting than public ones.

For one of our clients we have created an online service through which you can find out what parties are around the user today — both private and public.

There is also the capability to create a new party and invite friends.

x .

Office support system

The office is the house of the company.

It is necessary to look after this house and maintain its cleanliness and good atmosphere.

Now it's easy to do together with our office support system.

It includes a mail server, personnel records, blogging, document management, and so on.

y .

Secure anonymous diary

We are often afraid that our personal things will become public, both in the offline and online worlds.

Considering this insight, we created an anonymous, secure diary, the data of which is stored only in encrypted form.

z .

Hundreds of sites

Yes, hundreds of sites! Since 2003, we have created many websites — both for small businesses and local people as well as for well-known brands and prime ministers of the world's leading countries.

In this, we have significant experience, developments, innovations, and achievements.

02 . technologies

Our short technological stack

a .

Programming languages

  • 01 .C#
  • 02 .Client JS
  • 03 .NodeJs
  • 04 .Objective-C
  • 05 .Php
b .


  • 01 .Cassandra
  • 02 .Cloudera
  • 03 .Hadoop
  • 04 .Microsoft SQL Server
  • 05 .MongoDB
  • 06 .MySQL / MariaDB
  • 07 .Oracle
c .

Web interface

  • 01 .Angular.js
  • 02 .Aurelia.js
  • 03 .Babylon.js
  • 04 .Backbone.js
  • 05 .D3.js
  • 06 .Dojo Toolkit
  • 07 .jQuery + UI
  • 08 .Meteor.js
  • 09 .React.js
  • 10 .Riot.js
  • 11 .Vue.js
  • 12 .YUI
d .

Mobile applications

  • 01 .Android Native
  • 02 .Appcelerator / Titanium
  • 03 .Cordova / PhoneGap
  • 04 .iOS Native / Swift
  • 05 .ReactNative
  • 06 .Xamarin
e .

Cloud systems

  • 01 .Amazon AWS
  • 02 .Azure
  • 03 .DigitalOcean
  • 04 .Heroku
  • 05 .Rackspace
f .


  • 01 .Drupal / Php
  • 02 .Grav / Php
  • 03 .Jekyll / Ruby
  • 04 .SiteCore / C#
  • 05 .Sitefinity / C#
03 . open source

Our achievements

a .

Protecting Cordova/PhoneGap applications for iOS

The first code protection system on Cordova/PhoneGap projects for iOS devices.

The system encrypts the entire source code of the project (Html, Css, Js) and decodes it only in the device's memory before startup.

More detailed information about the project can be found on the personal site of the creator.

b .

Library SharpGS

We made the first library with access to the Google Storage API (similar to Amazon S3) for C#/.Net.

c .

And much more...

We will add the latest updates in time.

04 . looking for


While communicating with different people from different professions, we sometimes have interesting ideas for projects that require investments. If you are ready to act as an investor, we can offer our know-how and a vast assortment of ideas.

If you want to invest in a project from our list, send an application to the following e-mail: hire.me@acropolium.com
05 . contacts

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